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POST MAF (& more)

The weekend of July 10-12 we celebrated
~~~~~~~~~~~~~AfterMAF 2015 !!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~
with three days of underground, avant-garde performance, poetry, music, publications, puppet plays, group activities, provocations, lectures, demonstrations, improvisations, and many things in-between.
The programme featured local and visiting cultural workers committed to culturally anarchic, disorienting, non-commercial, communal practice--including many long-time participants of the MAF as well as new friends drawn from the network of the international avant-garde.
Presented by an unofficial collaboration of ex-MAF organisers and local, unfunded, DIY individuals, groups and projects, including Art Rat Studios, the Roanoke branch of the Post-NeoAbsurdist Anti-Family, Philosophy INC, Collab-Fest, the Anti-Business Lounge, Monocle-Lash Anti-Press, TLPress, and Star City Shadow School.

HERE is a link to C. Mehrl Bennett's documentation of AFTER MAF which includes a few photos of the mailart exhibit announced below.
However, NOW we also have VIDEOS which were taken at ART RAT STUDIO during 2015 AFTER MAF, most uploaded to VIMEO and so are available for your viewing pleasure right HERE ! Some of the participants included:

Anti-Brain Rot Correspondence Show, official invite was a follows:

Postmark by June 27th for JULY 2015 exhibit (No Returns) to:

422 Walnut SE #2 
Roanoke VA 24014

Email response to an inquiry 2 coordinator of this mailart call
RE: Documentation: "Hi Cathy, Your shortened title works fine for me. I'm thinking of a trifold (snail-mailed) pamphlet with participants listed and some photos. Like a mini "DOCUMENT". This show interests me in that i'm not really utilizing the internet to contact everyone and it creates a social nexus at my home with minimal directly digital implications. Feel free to disseminate info however you want. It will be curated in a way that works for my cat.
Thanks for your involvement; love your glyphs.
Tomislav Butković (alias Wilheim Katastrof on FB)

Sara E. Adrian (Columbus, OH painter & more)
Matt Ames (Roanoke, VA Psychogeographer, Historian, Filmmaker, & more)
At the Moment No Idea (OH/VA free jazz-sound poetry group)
Bill Beamer (Roanoke, VA musician, poet, artist, & more)
The Be Blank Consort (OH/NY/VA Sound Poetry Group)
John M. Bennett (Columbus, OH poet, performer, & more)
Catherine Mehrl Bennett (Columbus OH writer, artist, performer, & more)
Aaron Bensen (Roanoke Backyard Blacksmith)
Tsbs Berg (New York, NY Artist, Photographer, official AFTER MAF Videographer & more)
Megan Blafas-Chriss (D.C./Roanoke artist, performer, & more)
Wilheim Katastrof (Roanoke, VA performer, blacksmith, & more)
Cat Mob (Roanoke, VA band)
Bradley Chriss (D.C./Roanoke painter, performer, & more)
Brian Counihan (Roanoke, VA painter, puppeteer, & more)
Ralph Eaton (Roanoke, VA sculptor & more)
Krista Faist (Columbus, OH sculptor & more)
Warren C. Fry (Roanoke, VA performer, gamer, & more)
Bela Grimm (Columbus, OH sculptor, collagist, & more)
Jim Leftwich (Roanoke, VA writer, theorist, & more)
Olchar E. Lindsann (Roanoke, VA performer, writer, historian, & more)
Julián Mathews (New Jersey theorist & more)
Michael Peters (Albany, NY writer, theorist, musician, performer, & more)
Post-NeoAbsurdist Anti-Family (Performance, Comedy & more)
Roanoke Mini-Zine & Micropress Fair
John Thursday (Roanoke, VA performer, erotoligist, and more)
Reid Wood (Oberlin, OH artist, performer, & more)
with other possible participants to added in the coming month, and performance scores, video sent from across the U.S. and England, and mail art from around the world.   -Schedule & After MAF info posted by Olchar E. Lindsann

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Post-NeoAbsurdists : Who What Where When Why

There is an OLD document - PRE-ROANOKE daze - but of historic interest with well crafted interview questions from Michael Peters (or is that Dr. Michael Peters now?). Click on the link below to read the interview with Olchar, Warren, and Brad, published in the Winter 2010 issue of Word for/Word

Old Mehrl Family Photo - Dubuque Iowa - 1950?

Monday, August 20, 2012


Mail art on the theme of 70, skulls, and/or John M Bennett is now posted at http://the70project.blogspot.
The 70 Project ended on John's 70th birthday when John performed his poetry with other sound artists in Columbus, OH, at "It Looks Like Its Open" gallery in October 2012. We displayed THE 70 PROJECT mail art at that time- spread out on tables. Each piece of mail art was scanned when received and documented at THANKYOU ALL FOR PARTICIPATING even if you're contribution is simply going to the70project blog and enjoying the mailart!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Post Neo-Absurdist Anti-Collective Performing at Skylab Gallery, Columbus OH 8/21/10

Aaron Andrews at UR and also (from L to R below) Tomislav Butkovic, Olchar Lindsann, and Warren Fry

Thursday, July 29, 2010

August 14th @ Camp Crystal Lake, New Brunswick, NJ

Cincinnati Socio-Political Gabber Punx

DJ Tacopunch
Chicago J-Pop Gabba Breakcore

New Brunswick Simultaneous Power Electronics

New Brunswick Binural Laboratory

Black Noise from Hell


AUGUST 14th 2010

7PM Sharp!! (or you'll miss it!)

$5 for Tour Bands (It helps them get to the next city, the next show, or the next meal.)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


New Brunswick, New Jersey








POSTNEOABSURDIST simultaneous poems (NB)


May 13th, 2010

$5 for touring bands!!! for more info

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mailart/Visual Poetry Exhibit at Skylab in Columbus Ohio August 2010

(Photo taken by Jim and Sue Leftwich)
Updated Sept2010 -
is over: August 1st, 2010 was the deadline and all digital vispo and vispo
mail art received was exhibited at Skylab Gallery in downtown Columbus OH August 2010 during the Avant Writing Symposium at The Ohio State University. The symposium was organized by John M Bennett, curator of the Avant Writing Collection-part of OSU library's Rare Books & MSS Library, where the mailart vispo now resides in eight archival boxes. As a tribute to John, who will retire from OSU sometime around the end of this year, SKYLAB concurrently exhibited a retrospective of JMB's visual poetry. Our son, John Also Bennett, the main curator for SKYLAB, installed JMB's vispo show, and C Mehrl Bennett (me) installed the mail art show & did the documentation. A collaboration table was set up by Jim Leftwich and other performances happened at SKYLAB Saturday night August 21st during the Avant Writing Symposium- so many participants from the OSU Avant Writing Symposium were there to see the mail art show... some of them, including the Post-NeoAbsurdist Anti-Collective, performed at Skylab and many had sent in their own vispo contributions. Photo: from left to right are Matthew Stolte (Madison, WI), Crag Hill (Moscow, ID), and Keith Buchholz (St. Louis, MO).

DOCUMENTATION and photos from opening night are at
and even MORE photos, including presentations at OSU's Avant Writing Symposium, can be found at JMB's Flickr website

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fluxus Now! - 2010 Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival

photo documentation

2010 Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival
Festival Director: Brian Counihan
Sponsored by The Community High School

TJ Anderson
Richard Normand
Gyorgi Voros
Bill Beamer
Warren Fry
Andrew Topel
Id M Theft Able
Olchar Lindsann
Geof Huth
Keith Buchholz
Reed Altemus
Tomislav Butkovic
Ralph Eaton

Matt Ames
Richard Kostelanetz

Bill Beamer
Keith Buchholz
Bill Gaglione
Matthew Lee Knowles
Reed Altemus
Andrew Topel
Olchar Lindsann
Id M Theft Able

Fluxus Now! Mail Art Exhibit February 2010

Lancillotto Bellini - Italy
Joel Cohen (The Sticker Dude) - USA
Ruud Janssen - Netherlands
Litsa Spathi - Netherlands
John M. Bennett - USA
Vittore Baroni - Italy
Bill Wilson - USA
Keith Bates - UK
Denis Charmot - France
Paulo Jorge Goncalves - Brazil
Snappy - Canada
Keith Buchholz - USA
Billy Mavreas - Canada
Pal Csaba - Hungary
Jeff Crouch - USA
Giovanni Bonanno - Italy
Guido Vermeulen - Belgium
Allan Revich - Canada
Clemente Padin - Uruguay
Reid Wood - USA
Gail Whitter - Canada
Paul Lambert - USA
Pierpaolo Limongelli - Italy
Jokie Wilson - USA
Nula Horo - Spain
La Toan Vinh - Canada
Serkan Isin - Turkey
Peter Ganick - USA
Helene Lagache - France
Russell Manning - USA
Fabio Sassi - Italy
Petala Eytihia - Greece
Lothar Trott - Switzerland
Olchar Lindsann - USA
Chris Lennard - USA
David Beris Edwards - USA
Tom Taylor - USA
Bela Grimm - USA
Fast Sedan Nellson - USA
M-A Group - Ukraine
Scott MacLeod - USA
Mark Sonnenfeld - USA
Katerina Nikoltsou - Greece
Monica Rex - USA
Vittorio Baccelli - Italy
Reed Altemus - USA
Diana Magallon - Mexico
Bruno Capatti - Italy
D. C. Spaulding - USA
Buzz Blurr - USA
Ruggero Maggi - Italy
Moreno Menarin - Italy
Mike Basinski - USA
Josh Ronsen - USA
Aaron Almeida Holmquist - Venezuela
Terry Reid - Australia
Paula Jesgarz - Germany
Pedro Bericat - Spain
Felipe Lamadrid - Spain
Crank Sturgeon - USA
Domenico Severino - Italy
Don McNulty - Canada
REALNEO - Canada
Carol Stetser - USA
Jennifer Zoellner - USA
Antonio Sassu - Italy
Bolderaja Group - Latvia
Vladimir Jakushonok - Latvia
Samuel Montalvetti - Argentina
Bibiana Padilla Maltos - USA
Joseph A. Uphoff Jr. - USA
WOLF - Germany
Kevin Friend (DJ Dr. Toast) - USA
Truman Bentley Jr. - USA
Joseph Delgado - USA
Mrs. A. J. Petry - USA
Jurgen Olbrich - Germany
Luc Fierens - Belgium
Gianni Simone - Japan
Brandon Haney - USA
Dorian Ribas Marinho - Brazil
John Mountain - Spain
Carlos Botana - Spain
Emilio Morandi - Italy
Eberhard Janus - Germany
Mailarta - Canada
Carlyle Baker - Canada
Bruno Chiarlone - Italy
Tiziana Baracchi - Italy
Fabio Di Oujuara - Brazil
Veronique d'Entremont - USA
Dewi - Canada
Sean Burn - UK
Id M Theft Able - USA
Horst Baur - Germany
Pascal Lenoir - France
Christine Tarantino - USA
Roberto Scala - Italy
Denise Hunley - USA
Jastan Young - USA
J. Johnson - USA
Satu Kaikkonen - Finland
Jaromir Svozilik - Norway
Simon Warren - UK
Antonio De Marchi-Gherini - Italy
Giovanni Strada - Italy
Cem Demir - Turkey
Suzlee Ibrahim - Malaysia
Elisa Battistella - Italy
JF Chapelle - France
Miguel Jimenez / El Taller de Zenon - Spain
Ed Baker - USA
Inez Olude da Silva - Belgium
Kamal Sabran - Malaysia
Richard Canard - USA
Adriano Bonari - Italy
Silvano Pertone - Italy
Jennie Hinchcliff - USA
MR Dorgon - USA
Renato Sclaunich - Italy
Guido Capuano - Italy
Salvatore Starace - Italy
Roland Halbritter - Germany
Patrick Anderson-McQuoid - Ireland
Marina Miletic - Ireland
Jarmo Sermila - Finland
Serse Luigetti - Italy
Francis Van Maele - Ireland
Antic-Ham - Korea
Lubomyr Tymkiv - Ukraine
Carol Star - USA
Silvio de Gracia - Argentina
Wolf D. Schreiber - Germany
Oronzo Liuzzi - Italy
Alfonso Caccavale - Italy
Edwin Velazquez Collazo - Puerto Rico
Thomai Kontou - Greece
Carlos Zurk Cruz - Brazil
Rea Nikonova - Germany
Ryosuke Cohen - Japan
Juan Carlos Vargas Gomez - Columbia
Pierpaolo Limongelli - Italy

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Allright, settings are changed so hopefully we will soon return to "hardly any comments" rather than "hundreds of fake comments". Probably an improvement.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Send me your things.

Time, forever being eaten up by worms and people and bits of stuff, is a precious commodity in today’s MODERN DIGITAL AGE. The arts (ha ha) are, though arguably necessary, more or less a complete waste of time. It is with this in mind that I am announcing my intention to begin publishing a regular online journal for the brothers, sisters and distant cousins of the Post-NeoAbsurdist Anti-Family who (like myself) find themselves with very little time in which to indulge in the vital pointlessness of creative endeavour.

Every fortnight (or thereabouts) I intend to release into the tangled mess of decaying ideas that is the World Wide Internet a tiny bundle of Content which will, if used correctly, take up no more than five minutes of your unquestionably busy day to consume.

To help me achieve this pitiful vision, I need stuff. Your stuff. Please shove anything you might have (so long as it’s tiny and in some way good) into my starving inbox via davidberisedwards at gmail dot com

Images: No bigger than five centimetres by five centimetres.
Texts: No longer than 100 words.
Sounds: (For potential sound supplement) No longer than thirty seconds.

The sooner the better, my lovely ducklings.

Ta &c.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thomas L. Taylor

Thomas L. Taylor passed away yesterday, Sunday the 13th. As many of you know, he had been struggling with cancer for over a year.
Tom has been a remarkably warm and generous friend and collaborator with many of us in this community even at the height of his illness, and has been an essential part of the avant writing community for many decades.

Jim Leftwich has put up a page where you can see some of his recent work:

A guide to his collection here at OSU may be seen here:

Additionally, his beautiful poem Tract was the centrefold of Synapse 3 and his poems appear in various other Post-Neo publications, and his collaborative book with bela is being distributed as it becoms financially feasible.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


pREvIEw mY bOOk aT:

Monday, July 27, 2009

dbe's gravy

dbe's gravy
Originally uploaded by postneoabsurdism
from son of a brute salon 07/24/ADa 93 @ the Oromancer.

photos of the actual gravy at

the sex snail, an american hero

from son of a brute salon 07/24/ADa 93 @ the Oromancer - more images on the pna flickr

is not as bad

is not as bad
Originally uploaded by postneoabsurdism
from son of a brute salon 07/24/ADa 93 @ the Oromancer - more images on the pna flickr


Originally uploaded by postneoabsurdism
from son of a brute salon 07/24/ADa 93 @ the Oromancer - more images on the pna flickr