Thursday, May 15, 2008


That's right, just over TWO WEEKS until we move into the new place and the Anti-Festival finally begins! Which brings us to: Dear almost everybody, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us know when the fuck you plan to be here and what, if anything, you want to do! A lot of ideas have been thrown out there but without knowing when people will be here or what they want to be a part of, there's not much concrete planning we can do.

A few intrepid souls have given us CONFIRMED DATES OF ATTENDANCE, and a few others have let us know what general dates they're shooting for so that they can be penciled in. Those very helpful people, to whom we are extremely grateful, are: Angee Lennard, Alan Reed, Eleanor Francis Waterfowl, David Beris Edwards, Amy Oliver, Nick Hallam, and Edward Lense. We have added them to the OFFICIAL FESTIVAL CALENDAR as you will see below:

As people confirm dates we will update the calendar and keep it posted. More info SOOOON!