Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Sorry, but I only took one photo during the Nov.8th event. And this one only includes maybe one-fourth of the BBC ! Hoping for more photos forthcoming from my friend, Gabriella Traviline. From left to right, Marilyn R Rosenberg, John M Bennett, and Geof Huth (taking notes, perhaps for his blog - so keep a watch out at www.dbqp.blogspot.com)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Anti-Festival 2 Video Footage!


We are alive! AND! We are busy planning and conspiring for Be Blank, who're on their way here this NOVEMBER 8th!

In the meantime we've finally got the second Anti-Festival update for you, WEEK 2!

Tomislav reading Stephanie Carlin

Tomislav reading Roland Silnachen's Poem to be Performed for Strangers

Suddenly, a window closing event!

Aaron Howard reading Allen Ginsberg's Super Market in California

Aaron Howard reading Ezra Pound's sonnet A Tree

Aaron Howard reading e.e .cummings' 'Next to of Course God America i'

Aaron Howard reading e.e. cummings' 'pity this busy monster man, unkind'

Evan Damerow reading his poem ¢¢??/?.///????/////...

Alan Reed reading from Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot

Alan Reed reading from Eric Chevillard's Crab Nebula

Olchar Lindsann and Warren Fry performing a simultaneous reading of Beowulf

Orpheus from Warren Fry on Vimeo.

Alan Reed's Orphus, as performed by Alan Reed, Olchar Lindsann and Warren Fry

Olchar Lindsann, Alan Reed, Evan Damerow, and Tomislav Butkovic performing Mallarme's Herodiade

Mark Sonnenfeld reading a few of his poems.

Evan Damerow and Tomislav Butkovic performing a collaborative sound-poem.

Cory Wellington performing a recipe for BRAINS!

Cory Wellington sings a song I don't recognize....help us out Corey!

Cory Wellington performing 'Super Cup Throw'

Cory Wellington performing 'Sorrow and Death and Murder and Pain'

Monday, October 20, 2008

s i m u l t a n e o u s p a l i m p s e s t s

Inspired by lnylnylny, and the 3 hours of brute salon that currently resides on my hard drive, I made these: >>>#<<< >>>%<<< >>>&<<< very late last night.
They will change and evolve as I try different ideas and make new clips.
*make sure you have the most updated Quicktime and use Firefox for best results*

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Update & upcoming events!

A not-entirely short update and some upcoming events hosted by the NJ Post-NeoAbsurdist cell at 131 Bayard St.:

The first event of the Autumn here at The Oromancer (yes, this is the official, actual, final name of the venuehouse. we may or may not get around to posting the whole story) went smashingly! Thanks to everybody who came, it was great to see so many of you together again. Rick, Krista, and Snoops were a joy to have in town, the 3-D pieces made that night are crazy, and the event even got started fairly on-schedule and finished at a decent hour so we could talk afterward.

And on Wednesday, Presidential Debate Bingo was great fun as well. The heavy economic emphasis and the constantly-changing nature of the smokescreen of emotional trigger-phrases made it harder than expected; Evan won the most squares award, Kelly won the doodle contest, Shawna won the least-squares award, and Jamie won for closest to an actual bingo.

One more event in October: a Right-Geist celebration of Goonieween (Oct. 25) to help fight off Johnson & Johnson's ghastly attempt to takeover this independant, mom & pop paranormal ghost-for-hire company--a joint venture of New Jersey Post-Neo and the Meme-Rider Media Team. More on this soon!


November 8 at 7:00 PM--the biggest event we've held here since the Anti-Festival (we're even renting folding-chairs):

FIRST, this is the opening of Cathy Mehrl-Bennett's KIMONO SHOW in the Anti-Gallery (or Room of Traps). Cathy's Kimonos--each one dedicated to a collaborator and friend--are beautiful pieces which speak directly to the role of art as interpersonal gestures: using source material from the piece's addressee, she manipulating it digitally, inhabiting the constraint of the kimono's physical shape in a way analogous to closed form in literature. The generosity of these gestures, in which frank friendliness is the guiding idea, make us delighted to welcome them, and hopefully you, into our home. The kimonos can be viewed at


And the beautiful full-colour book (or free .pdf book), with notes by Cathy on each person to whom they are dedicated and internet links to all, is available at:


AND, to celebrate: THE BE BLANK CONSORT!
If you know Be Blank, I need say no more; if not, DO NOT MISS this! First, here's a brief bio:


The Be Blank Consort was born in June 2001 at The Atlantic Center for the Arts (New Smyrna Beach, Florida) when all of its members were part of a literary residency convened by Richard Kostelanetz. We are all writers, but we all use language in greatly expanded and often completely new ways and contexts. The Consort was formed to perform various kinds of texts, many of them created collaboratively, in ways that would reveal new resonances and possibilities in them. Some of the pieces are poems written by one of us and scored for multiple voices by another. A few are entirely written and scored by one person. Many more were written in collaboration between two or more of the performers and others. Scott Helmes, in January 2002, initiated the first poems specifically designed for performance by The Consort. Core members include K. S. Ernst, John M. Bennett, Scott Helmes, Michael Peters, and Sheila E. Murphy. The group has performed in Boston, New York, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Columbus, Albuquerque, Prescott (AZ), Miami, and many other venues. They have released a CD, SOUND MESS.

As a note to those of you in the are unfamiliar with Be Blank, I should mention that the Be Blank Consort has influenced Post-Neo performance poetry more than any living or recent group, so if you enjoy the simultaneous poems that we've done and want to see our roots: here they are. At the same time, their approach would seem contrapuntally different from most of ours. So it ought to be twice, or thrice as fun. Here's Warren's review of Be Blank when they performed in NY awhile back:


From the core group, we will have John Bennett, Scott Helmes (all the way from the West Coast!), Kathy Ernst, and Michael Peters. Performing with them will be friends from around the area--SO to prepare you for Be Blank, when they will become so many tongues of the group, there will be short individual readings by all of them and everybody who is coming out to perform with them: Geoff Huth, Marilyn R. Rosenberg, Edward Lense, and probably us hosts.

AND there will be intersections with groups of friends and collaborators in two other cities: there will be a live video-feed with the HCON Festival in Baltimore, organised by Rick Weaver, and phone-poms with Jim Leftwich, Ralph Eaton, and hopefully some others down in Roanoke, VA.

A lot of great shit--hope to see everyone there--VIM VOM VIM!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


PNA new Jersey Season!

27th of Septemeber!
@ 7 pm

Summer's over! It's time for New Jersey Post-Neo to leap back to life in the new venue; which happens soon: Saturday, 27 September.
That evening sees the opening of an exhibition of 3-D prints and drawings (3-D glasses provided), and the chance to make your own. This combines the group show of prints initiated and shown at Spudnik Press, with the drawings made by NJ, Washington, British, and Ohio Post-Neos during the Anti-Fest in June, also made possible by Spudnik's Angee Lennard. AND we will be using the stack of magic paper that she left us so that guests to the show that evening can make their own!
Lots of friends coming in from various places to perform:

Chicago IL
A chance to wear funny glasses--see above!

Baltimore MD
will set up her sound installation from the festival, with the requisite sound system to bring out its reputed physiological effects.

New Brunswick NJ
will push forward the use of cell-phones that has became such a motif since Fiddlesticks with a set of cell-phone feedback manipulation

(Rick Weaver)
Baltimore MD
Vocally theatrical and musically cinematic songs on guitar, harmonica, bass drum.

Montclair NJ
New Jersey's circuit-bending Anti-virtuoso makes some noise.

New York, NY
pays us another visit with his guitar and its dangerous strings.

And, there will be a simultaneous poem or two by the NJ Post-Neo group in some configuration, and a mail art station open to whomever wants to give it a go.


Call for more information: (732) 543-0752

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ARTICHOKE'S! And other things to come...

The Summer is over, time is vengeful, and it is once more a flurry of activity here in New Brunswick. The transition from Festivalville to venue for 131 Howard is entering its final, cyclonic phase. So expect a number of new posts over the next few weeks by the New Jersey contingent, including both future events and (at long last) the rest of the documentation from the Anti-Festival, which we are in the midst of processing. Why not take this opportunity to get the blog going again with some stuff up here from the British, D.C, Ohio, and other various contingents... in the meantime:

Item #1: 131 Bayard now has a new name: ARTICHOKE'S. We have considered producing some kind of vaguely anthropomorphic thing who can be Capt. Artichoke, Lord Artichoke, Mother Superior Artichoke, or whomever.

Item #2: A schedule of events to take place here is beginning to materialise; more details will be forthcoming soon on these shows (especially that of Sept. 27 and that of Nov. 8). Other events may be added/changed/etc.

(Provisional dates in italics; confirmed dates in bold):

Sept. 26--Oct. 5: Exhibition-- 3-D Drawings from Post-Neo Anti-Fest, project by Spudnik Press

Sept. 27: The Ruined Frame (Rick Weaver, Baltimore), Krista Faist (Baltimore), Reid Bingham (Jersey), Aaron Howard (NY), some combination of us, possibly more.

Oct. 4: Poetry Night

Oct. 11--25?: Exhibition: Tsubasa Berg

Oct. 25: Poetry Night

Nov. 8--30?: Exhibition-- Cathy Mehrl Bennett, Kimonos

Nov. 8: Be Blank Consort, John M. Bennett, Kathy Ernst, Scott Helmes, Michael Peters, Geof Huth, and NJ Post-Neo.

This is what we have at the moment. Other plans under discussion include (but are not limited to) one or two nights of Post-Neo, SPART, Neoist, and other films and video; marathon session/s of reading aloud to each other; a New Jersey Premier of Lennard/Lennard/Lennard/& Lindsann's film Ubu Roi; and obviously whomever is able to make it out here to do something from someplace else.

Item #3: More Documentation soon!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Asplundhers in NY!!

I was lucky enough to see these guys during the festival.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

A bit more documentation

,It's going to be slow, and maybe a bit out of order, but it will happen. We need to recover. But as an offering, here's the rest of the stuff from Weekend 1 of the festival:

Paul Bruner's first performance of the night, Presidential Penises and Hanging Chads.

Olchar reads Samuel Taylor Coleridge's 1816 poem, Kublai Khan.

And from exactly 100 years later, Tristan Tzara's Saint of 1916


Warren Fry reads Daniil Kharms' To Ring To Fly.

Lindsann & Fry give you some facts about Rufus Choate.

Paul Bruner's second piece of the night, Square Hatman Goes Glip Nigat.

Reid Bingham organises a circuit-bending chaos session with everyone playing.

Thanks, when we're able we'll get up documentation of weekend 2 with Alan Reed, then the rest of the festival and the last couple Fiddlesticks events....

Thursday, July 3, 2008

ACTION: ***(ITS A SHOW!)***: drive the fire marshall to: tiny bits.

********************** *** (ITS A SHOW!) *** **********************

Come one; Come all(!) to witness the ACTION. On July 5th at 8pm, following Anti-English day, crawl out of your briefcases and dampen your product to hear the sounds and their configurations of:

Accidental Seabirds (Brooklyn, NY)
Joseph Ruck (New Brunswick, NJ)
Cory Wellington (New Brunswick, NJ)
Nick Hallam (Totnes, England)

as they serenade you into the shallow caves of former Civil War Captains and Railroad workers.

131 Bayard Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

It will be held in our basement... with maybe a few extra goodies. :BLAHHGHGHS:LKGJE:asfaoigjas:

See you then.
July 5th.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Hello chaps!

Hopefully you all tuned into WFMU this morning in time to catch the long-anticipated Post-NeoAbsurdist Miraculous Anti-Hour. Should you have failed to do so you can hear the whole show online at the following internet-world-wide-web-address-site-page: Thus.

And PLEASE don't forget that if you're in the area of New Brunswick tonight then you have NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER not to attend the somewhat-climax of this most wondrous of Anti-Festivals; The Quadricentenial Bilge-Worm Cabaret. It will be good.

131 Bayard Street, New Brunswick, NJ. 8:00PM. TONIGHT.

See you all there! VIM!

Thursday, June 26, 2008



Jim Leftwich's post-neo absurdism solidarity show happen Wednesday, June 25th 2008,
in Roanoke Virginia. Photos are posted at Jim's flickr site above.


FREE pdf file AVAILABLE NOW at www.lulu.com/lunabisonteprods .. click on the title "MY KIMONO BOOK" for more info and to preview the book. OR go to www.flickr.com/cmehrlbennett/sets/72157594534258236/ and look at ALL my kimonos in a slideshow... including the ones that are not collaborations.
At my flickr set, you click on an image during the slideshow to see my comments. The comments are often embedded with web links that show the honorary person's original work before I messed with it and/or to show you that (honorary or ornery) person's vispo, poetry, photos, essays, etc. because you want to learn about them after seeing such a titillating kimono image, right?

OLCHAR LINDSANN has graciously invited me to show some digital kimono prints in a gallery space in his home in New Brunswick NJ --sometime in November before Thanksgiving-- if very many of my kimono book collaborators actually show up for a reception (and there is some interest from a few vispo V.I.P.s) then there will also have to be a "Be Blank Consort" performance that day. So stay tuned!! Olchar will post details by the time the leaves start turning pretty colors in New Brunswick.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Quadricentenial Bilge-Worm Cabaret

Come one and all to this most rare and thrilling of occasions. Delight in the horrid and rampant destruction of defenceless objects, the furious displacement of vulnerable foodstuffs, the merciless rape and eventual slaughter of countless words, audiences, ideas and that fucking gorilla that sings the macarena. Laugh at the British people and their puzzling insistence on pronouncing the word "aluminum" with an additional "i". Saturday the 28th of June, 8:00PM (No, really. We mean it.)

Wear clothes you hate.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

A delicious anti-banquet

Some more photos. They're a bit massive if you click on them. Either Olchar's photo editing software is really crap or I'm really stupid.

For those of you who weren't there, we made Jelly (Jell-o) with words in it. It didn't exactly look like Jelly but it was moderately delicious and it had words in it.


Well that was fun.

I'll stick the rest on my blog and we'll get the videos up here sometime over the next few days. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

chromatic transmission dlog update5

HRR are yeee dlog5 updates from last strdy w/ a-l-a-n- -r-e-e-d.

i'm pretty sure tsubasa took a few of these. four britan natives are currently on go-'rounds here and as much as i know did some performance in underground dwellings last night with loud loud loud rolling stock. I wonder how that went. BE HERE NEXT SATURDAY for WHOKNOWSWHAT¿ Who wants to put something together for saturday? Reid? Devin? Lukharna? Monty?








take every dries.jpeg


generalsawaitingthewar.jpeg in the correspondence executive office quarters

There should be more soon, but I believe its being held captive by a DV tape that just refuses to let the data come off of the magnetic tape. The tapehead and the tape had a huge argument about it the other day. I could hear them while I was looking... or was that just the water. Anyway, the tape heads had it out for the magnetic tape, but was charging so it really couldn't do anything about it. Subsequently, I don't think that the tape head was very aware that by kicking the shit out of the miniDV tape, he'd lose all of his dada to read anyway. Consumer camera these days!

I also came across an article by Warren in the Brooklyn Rail about Courtlandtland/We are the Seahorses if anyone wants to check it out. Reminds me that I don't go to shows enough. Curses Steve!; Haha. [ http://www.brooklynrail.org/2008/06/artseen/we-are-the-seahorses ]

Sunday, June 15, 2008

ANTI-FESTIVAL WEEKEND #1: Barm release reading

We're getting these up here as fast as we can--for the BARM release on Saturday, 7 June, people from the New Jersey community took turns mangling and wrangling poems from the journal. Here's every single one! Huzzah!

Steve Dolnack performs T. Butković, To Be Performed Out Loud

Julian Matthews performs B. Chriss' Icarus

Kevin Donnely performs D.B. Edwards, Some Things.

Karl Doerrer performs a poem by Professor Aristotle.

Olchar Lindsann performs Fast Sedan Nellson's translation of Wordsworth's Lines Written in Early Spring into Even-More-Boring

Kevin Donnely performs a text by T. Butković

Reid Bingham delivers an Anti-Prophesy by O. Lindsann

Tomislav Butković performs A. Howard's Your hair sweeps naturally and gracefully
back from your face

Paul Bruner performs Imogene Engine's Sensory Oneirocritica

Warren Fry and Miss Ricketts debate the eternal question: Radish Art or the Babylonian Empire?

Documentation of the rest of the evening's proceedings asap!!!

PNA NJ Maximum Overdrive!!!!



9 Guests from England, DC, Ohio, Maryland and Illinois will be descending upon us like a Tsunami of Post-Neo cavaliers!

The event BEGINS AT 8:00pm!

131 Bayard St.
New Brunswick NJ 08901

Please come on time, as our guests have traveled over seas and states and nations and time-zones to be here (in many cases rearranging their lives to make it happen). We've been talking up how amazing New Jersey audiences are, so don't let us down - you won't be disappointed.


Angie Lennard (Chicago), Brad Chriss and Megan Blafas (D.C.), Nick Hallam (England), Aaron Howard (Brooklyn), David Beris Edwards, Eleanor Francis Waterfowl, and Amy Oliver (England), Aaron Andrews and Matt Cooper of 'RAP VAN' (Ohio).

This will be the LARGEST meeting of Post-Neo's and friends of Post-Neo in the six year history of the movement! Look to see as Post-Neos who've published together, listened to one another's poems over the phone, or co-signed manifestos meet face to face for the first time, and old friends are reunited.

Stand by for further updates as the week progresses...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nobody expects SATURDAY!!! from Alan Reed.

And it is Saturday again. It is Saturday and so there are things that will happen. Things! The sorts of things that you expect to happen and the sorts of things that you do not expect to happen. Or perhaps it will be things that you do not expect to happen and then things that you expect to happen. It depends on what you expected to happen. This, you might not have expected this. It does not sound like what you expected to happen and yet it is almost Saturday. Saturday! Of course we are writing things and we are sending you things. And if these things are not the things that you expect us to write and the things that you expect us to send, well, that is pretty much what you expect of us, isn’t it? Hello. It is Saturday again. There are things that will happen. I am here. I will do things. I will read to you some things that I did not make and I will read to you a thing that I did make. It is about Orpheus. Warren Fry and Olchar Lindsann will help with the thing that I made and they will read to you some things that I did not make. They did not make these other things that they will read either. They are things that other people made. There will be things that other people made. There will be things made by Samuel Beckett and Mark Sonnefeld and Jacques Derrida and Tomislav Butkovic and R. M. Liuzza. Some of them will read the things that they made and others of them will not read the things that they made. Those are the things that will happen. Saturday. Seven o’clock. 131 Bayard. It is a nice house. And things will happen.

And then. On Sunday. Sunday! There will be things, things that you do not expect. We will go for breakfast. Because we do go for breakfast on Sundays. We may not go when it is time for breakfast but we will go for breakfast. We will go to The Hungry Pedlar. It is a nice place to go for breakfast. And after we go for breakfast we will go back to the house, the house at 131 Bayard, and we will do more things. More things! We will have tea and we will have cakes. Well, we’ll probably have coffee instead of tea. I know how to make a very good cup of coffee and I am not so good with tea. Coffee would probably go better. And the things. We will read things. We will talk about things. We will have things and it would be good if you had things too. It will be good. All of it. All of it will be good.

let me shower and caress you with beautiful images

an attempt of showing others what they cannot (yet) see with their own eyes due to distance.

this is, partly, 'the mecca' according to Mark Sonnenfeld! we have been graced by his hand deliverance of many publications and presence in our first few days here at the house. hopefully he'll be able to make it out much more frequently!

Paul Bruner (NJ/NY/NC) Installation 'Presidential Penises' etc

Megan Blafas and (2) Post-Neo Archives

BAR BAR BAR Sword, Warren Fry
(a monument for the new brunswick city centre is currently in the works, featuring warren c. fry)

(l2r) jim leftwich, tomislav butkovic, steve dolnack

Imogene Engine

Olchar E. Lindsann

aaron andrews, warren fry

top wall: (l2r) john m. bennett, mete sarabi, brad chriss, chi-kit kwong, john m. bennett, reed altemus

warren fry, thomas russotti, brad chriss

olchar e. lindsann, emilie lennard, terri lennard, bela b. grimm, megan blafas

megan blafas, robert inhuman

evan damerow

mail-art table with tom russotti sculpture at the helm

joseph ruck before any furniture was moved in.

hopefully more later on the epic start of the anti-festival last saturday...

also, welcome... this week! alan reed from montreal, canada.