Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ARTICHOKE'S! And other things to come...

The Summer is over, time is vengeful, and it is once more a flurry of activity here in New Brunswick. The transition from Festivalville to venue for 131 Howard is entering its final, cyclonic phase. So expect a number of new posts over the next few weeks by the New Jersey contingent, including both future events and (at long last) the rest of the documentation from the Anti-Festival, which we are in the midst of processing. Why not take this opportunity to get the blog going again with some stuff up here from the British, D.C, Ohio, and other various contingents... in the meantime:

Item #1: 131 Bayard now has a new name: ARTICHOKE'S. We have considered producing some kind of vaguely anthropomorphic thing who can be Capt. Artichoke, Lord Artichoke, Mother Superior Artichoke, or whomever.

Item #2: A schedule of events to take place here is beginning to materialise; more details will be forthcoming soon on these shows (especially that of Sept. 27 and that of Nov. 8). Other events may be added/changed/etc.

(Provisional dates in italics; confirmed dates in bold):

Sept. 26--Oct. 5: Exhibition-- 3-D Drawings from Post-Neo Anti-Fest, project by Spudnik Press

Sept. 27: The Ruined Frame (Rick Weaver, Baltimore), Krista Faist (Baltimore), Reid Bingham (Jersey), Aaron Howard (NY), some combination of us, possibly more.

Oct. 4: Poetry Night

Oct. 11--25?: Exhibition: Tsubasa Berg

Oct. 25: Poetry Night

Nov. 8--30?: Exhibition-- Cathy Mehrl Bennett, Kimonos

Nov. 8: Be Blank Consort, John M. Bennett, Kathy Ernst, Scott Helmes, Michael Peters, Geof Huth, and NJ Post-Neo.

This is what we have at the moment. Other plans under discussion include (but are not limited to) one or two nights of Post-Neo, SPART, Neoist, and other films and video; marathon session/s of reading aloud to each other; a New Jersey Premier of Lennard/Lennard/Lennard/& Lindsann's film Ubu Roi; and obviously whomever is able to make it out here to do something from someplace else.

Item #3: More Documentation soon!!!