Monday, April 28, 2008

Warren! Check your cocking emails!

Sorry for the massive spam, everyone else. Warren, we've sent you an email regarding that voucher you so kindly offered Amy. We'd like to book our tickets tomorrow so it'd be useful to be able to get the number off'f you!


Th'English PNA contingent.

Raquet Club

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Building Collapse

response poem

From: radmeow
Subject: response poem
Date: April 26, 2008 2:57:23 PM EDT
To: olindsann, warrenfry, tomislav

hacienda irrevocably wrote a response poem to warren and olchar's performance of
'A Society Function for Snakes and Marmosets'

feel free to recite
or wait until it is recited upon you

see attachment


{{ response piece to 'A Society Function for Snakes and Marmosets'
as performed by warren frye olchar lindsann
entitled: parapalegic peace-burger
by: hacienda irrevocably

{{ note:
symbols and punctuation provided should either be pronounced as sound
or used to indicate how certain phrases should be uttered (ie rising tone, cookie monster voice, etc)
usage should be kept consistant throughout
but no direction is provided for their use
blank key provided for notation

$$ .drown .the $$ ^rump-roast [...] .preen-
.twill .the ;cabin {
;contain .and ]pressurize @ \|
*pee-*ewe- @ @@
[...] ]crendolant
*in *its- ]lusterment
$$ %!denial $$
.swim ^tragic ]underment
^unguent ^import ^attend
.the ^frizzle *fry %!steak "house
attain *pwone-^elguise-^matric-^lamont[...]^ramant te
attain *pwone-^elguise-^matric-^lamont[...]^ramant te
attain *pwone-^elguise-^matric-^lamont[...]^ramant te
attain *pwone-^elguise-^matric-^lamont[...]^ramant te
attain *pwone-^elguise-^matric-^lamont[...]^ramant te
~~`~~ ~~`~~ `!` `!` # # r r %!moumpt
.the .sun %?alone %?attends ^ataish .a %!taste \|
%?pronounce .a %?key ;alone ;attend .a .trace
%!atone @ %!a %?place %!a .cunt .fuck .dump %!preen
$$ %!couch %!stone %!swim $$
$$ %!couch %!stone %!swim $$
$$ %!couch %!stone %!swim $$

| {{ }} |_______________________________________________________________|
| ' ' |_______________________________________________________________|
| ( ) |_______________________________________________________________|
| $$ $$ |_______________________________________________________________|
| . |_______________________________________________________________|
| ^ |_______________________________________________________________|
| [...] |_______________________________________________________________|
| - |_______________________________________________________________|
| ; |_______________________________________________________________|
| { |_______________________________________________________________|
| ] |_______________________________________________________________|
| @ |_______________________________________________________________|
| \| |_______________________________________________________________|
| %! |_______________________________________________________________|
| " |_______________________________________________________________|
| * |_______________________________________________________________|
| ~~`~~ |_______________________________________________________________|
| `!` |_______________________________________________________________|
| # |_______________________________________________________________|
| %? |_______________________________________________________________|
| = |_______________________________________________________________|
| | |_______________________________________________________________|
| _ |_______________________________________________________________|

all wrongs reserved | hacienda irrevocably

Friday, April 25, 2008


Here at long last is the video from FIDDLESTICKS 4!! Olchar's report below contextualizes this installment's events, which acquired a certain consistency.

This poem was written by the late Mr. Hugo's fellow rat and protege, the Bar Bar Baron, relayed via David Beris Edward's blog from Warren to Olchar to Tomislav, and then declaimed by a puppet made by dadaDavid Hartke.

Two Post-Neo simultaneous poems: Olchar and Warren perform David Beris Edwards' A Society Function for Snakes and Marmosets, and Tomislav joins them for his own Direct Decree by the Price on Her Head, Version 4.3.

Warren, Olchar, and Tomislav perform a four-part text by Tom Taylor.

Alex performs his piece Close it Closet.

Reports and Documentation of FIDDLESTICKS 5 as soon as we can manage to find time to get it up here!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Olchar's Report for Fiddlesticks #4

This one was quite a journey (aren't they all).

It began for me on the Friday night, working with Tsubasa to (finally) get Angee's floor tiles installed in the space. In many ways, putting on these kinds of shows and events are simply an excuse to get to prepare them with each other (in many ways the opposite is true as well, of course). Usually this preparation is pretty frenetic, in the earlier stages we're all brainstorming excitedly in a dozen different directions, in the latter stages running about like chickens with our heads lopped off, trying to salvage whatever is going to happen from the ruins of what we'd planned to happen even as those ruins continue to fall down upon us, all adreneline and (pointless) purpose. This has been for me one of the most durable and characteristic experiences of Post-Neo, whether with Catharsism of Narcotica in Ohio, with the Itinerant Mirror in England, with the Fiddlesticks shows here.... So it was particularly nice to install these with Tsubasa in a completely different manner, talking quietly and calmly as we both knelt on the floor, tearing off smaller and smaller pieces of tape as the roll disappeared; and an opportunity to take in at least a bit of his sensibility as he patiently compared tiles, grouped and regrouped them, placing each one with a care that made me feel a bit of the barbarian (bar bar bar).

The performances for this installment evolved in unexpected ways. We'd known a couple weeks in advance that Alex would be performing that night, but didn't know what he would be doing (we'd rather get to experience the piece like everyone else); and as of a week or so before we'd planned to do a set of Post-Neo Simultaneous Poems. Then we learned about Mr. Hugo Ball-Rat's illness.

We'd already done the Familiars' Hospital the week before, an undertaking that shows how some of us have come to relate to these inanimate rubber ids; and now a similar situation had struck us not with familiars, but with pets--not entirely different, but: alive. And in it David had suggested a Medicinal Poem; so this was added to the schedule for Saturday. A poem to read to everyone here, both written by and dedicated to a rat in England who could never read or write it (despite having done so)--and a gesture of friendship and empathy between two far-flung communities.

A couple days later, we learned of Tom's illness; and in the notion of the Medicinal Poem that David had put forward on behalf of a beloved pet on another continent, we found one form through which to materialise our concern, gratitude, and friendship to to this man on the other side of our own continent, whom none of us has met in person but with whom a number of us have collaborated, corresponded, and engaged with as readers. And so we added to Saturday's event a performance of a text Tom had sent me to play around with a few months ago.

So Saturday arrives, etc. etc. forgot we don't have key-cards etc. the printer doesn't etc. etc. etc. where's etc. etc. which ones should etc. etc. etc. etc. Oh shit, we thought you meant a digital etc. etc. etc. etc., and we prepare for the poetic chain-gang we had planned for Mr. Ball-Rat's medicinal poem: Warren reading it aloud from David's blog in the computer lab, shouting it to me standing in the doorway, shouting it in turn to Tomislav who finally delivers it to our guests in the gallery via Dave Hartke's puppet. (This mirrors a piece we had done in England a couple years ago at the Itinerant Mirror Cabaret: Warren had called in from the States to David Edwards at the desk of King Ludd bookshop; they eventually ended up downstairs in the basement where Natalie Waldbaum had to act them out.) It is as we are about to read the poem that Warren learns from that blog that Mr. Hugo Ball-Rat had just died. And so the poem became a Funereal Poem or Anti-Eulogy (a rodent Adonais); delivered with great aplomb by Dave's puppet.

Then it's onto the simultaneous poems--now pared down to only two, one by David (we did a few more at Fiddlesticks 5, which you'll see eventually) and one by Tom. Great fun as always; I think I've performed David's 'Society Function...' four or five times and have never to this day managed to gather the apple and nearly-empty-fast-food-cup-with-a-straw that the score calls for.

Then Tom Taylor's texts; Warren, Tom and I had scored them for three voices, treating each section differently, using techniques quite different from those of the simultaneous poems we'd just performed: performing them as canons, reading in different directions, following various visual cues--following the approach of the Be Blank Consort, many of whom have known and worked with Tom for decades. The texts were great fun to do; I'd like to read more Taylor aloud when I have the opportunity.

And finally there is Alex's piece, which turns out to be a very touching and understated vignette on the death of his grandmother. It manages to be simultaneously very direct--it is what it says what it is (yes), and it has an immediate emotional impact--and also quite readably indirect--we only hear his responses as he talks on the phone, not wanting to talk about it, yet, at least. And it gathers together the theme/s that have, gradually, turned into a very sad week, and affirms that, nonetheless, it can be dealt with, and that somehow, indeed, it seems to have tied itself together.

And as usual, most of us remained behind for hours afterward, ordered pizza and ate it in Jamie's studio; at one point Alan's remaining City Poems were retrieved from the gallery and passed around again; etc etc etc., far into the night.

And then onward to Fiddlesticks 5--reports and documentation when we can! Huzzah!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


FALSE ALARM everyone--

Between Aesthletics in the afternoon and the show at Courtlandtland that we just found out about and the Fiddlesticks show and lecture, there was just too much at once for anyone to go to everything (which would be perfect); and additionally the weekend's outlook had turned sour for Megan to come up from Washington too. So we are POSTPONING THE LECTURE and the FINAL FIDDLESTICKS until NEXT SATURDAY at 8 PM.

Happily, this means that not only everyone else, but we of the Anti-Central NJPNA committee can hopefully attend Whiffle Hurling and the show. And perhaps Brad Chriss will be able to come up from Washington along with Megan and visit us as well; and if not we can all berate him via email and the blog! Huzzah!



Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Madam de la Planchette du Cloche

might seem like a bunch of arse, and verily it may well be. but did anyone get any pix or have anything to say about the Madame's fraught performance in Baltimore of recent? xxx


After this we will be laying publicly low for a month while we prepare for THE ANTI-FESTIVAL IN JUNE

yes, June.


*Long-time Post-Neos/ mail artists/ dollmakers/ other
-things-ers bela b. Grimm (Columbus, OH) and Megan Blafas (Washington, D.C.),
*Mail artist/poet/archivist/theorist
/other-things-er Jim Leftwich (Roanoke, VA),
/puppetfilmer(s)/other-thing-ers-as-well Sarah Granett (Newark, NJ) and Surprise (surprise)!
*AND if you haven't seen it already, check out the contribution from
Steve Dolnack (New Brunswick, NJ) installed during our off-week.
At 8:00 PM on THIS SATURDAY, April 26, roundabouts the Lost & Found Gallery, come see the show and treat yourself to a long-overdue (or not) group lecture:

We all think we know New Jersey Post-Neo, but here is a RARE chance to get a relatively co--he--rent--(?) introduction to the (anti-)artists, communities, and histories of Post-Neo from its womb in Ohio to everywhere else that it is now--from a panel of five real live Post-Neos ranging from co-founders of the movement to those just beginning to put their stamp on it. These people boast a combined 12--21 years experience post-ing and neo-ing and absurdist-ing (depending on how you count) and many have been involved with multiple Post-Neo groups around the world:

Megan Blafas (Ohio/ Washington, D.C./ Mail Art)
Tomislav Butković (New Jersey/ Mail Art)
Evan Damerow (New Jersey/ Florida) (assuming that our videoconferencing from his Anti-outpost in Florida works)
Warren Fry (Ohio/ New Jersey/ Mail Art)
Olchar E. Lindsann (Ohio/ United Kingdom/ New Jersey/Mail Art)

This is an opportunity to learn more about many of the artists whose work you have seen at FIDDLESTICKS, the people who WILL BE VISITING HERE IN JUNE, and to contextualise what happens in New Jersey or wherever else you are in relation to Post-Neo activity as it continues to develop all over the place.

This will eventually end up online as well so that those of you who live everywhere else can see too, right here on this very blog.

For those of you returning hungry from the WHIFFLE-HURLING GAME that afternoon, or those of you hungry for other reasons, or who generally enjoy scrounging, WE WILL BRIBE YOU WITH FREE PIZZA for those who come to give us a listen; call us by 6:30 if you plan to show up and eat some so our broke arses know how much to buy!

Megan will be up from Washington and Sarah probably down from Newark, so no doubt some fun will be had afterward as well.


8:00 PM on THIS SATURDAY, April 26 !!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

FIDDLESTICKS #4 Photos: D. Hartke, A. Andrews, A. Lennard finally!

Finally, here are Tsubasa's photos of the fourth installment of FIDDLESTICKS, with additions by Post-Neo co-founders dadaDavid Hartke and Aaron Andrews, and at long last Angee's work wrested away from UPS and mostly installed. Reports and video of the events to follow soon, and then documentation of FIDDLESTICKS 5...

Andrews' Fist Fuck and Hartke's ANTI- army logo adorn the door. These ought to become stickers sometime....

Beside the door, large printouts from Angee's Mossdale Estates that served as partial scores when we'd done the Mossdale puppet show the week before. In them Rose encounters Hartke's, Andrews', Lindsann's and Chriss' Post-Neo band Catharsism of Narcotica.

The Lost & Found Gallery!

Angee Lennard's new cardboard-tile floor for the L&FG

dadaDavid's amazing puppet, built for the projected Müppet Flesh project and inspired by his own mOnocle-Lash logo, reclines on a corner of Angee's floor near some of Jamie's wall drawings and J.M. Bennett collaborations with C. Mehrl Bennett, Jessy Kendall, and probably others.

David Hartke's Cheez-ItnA mask emerges from the nether-bits of some Chriss-flesh

A syzegy: Aaron's The Judgement of Los Iron Man print and two John M. Bennett pieces (one with Italy's Luigino Solamito) hung over Tsubasa's drips at the conjunction of Lenny's and Brad's wall drawings.

A painting by Craig Olsen watches over the whole affair from above.

A better look at Dave's puppet, whose leather accoutrements need repaired. This puppet performed the Funereal Poem for Sir Hugo Ball-Rat at the opening, as you'll see when we get video posted.

Somebody or other saw fit to make a wall drawing in chocolate on the wall in-between shows (and kindly labeled it for us), and it seemed a good place to post up Aaron 's Professor Aristotle poster.

Underneath Andrews' looming Kitty Genovese Must Die print, the publication table expands with a collection of Angee Lennad's Sputnik Press comics, Alan Reed's City Poems for the taking and posting, various mOnocle-Lash books and journals, and some sculpture: Dave Hartke's Ice Cream Cone made of glass for some reason, and Angee's tiny dioramas, which will get their own post with close-ups very soon here.

PoSsiAbLe BiRd SuIcIdE1

possible |

Friday, April 18, 2008


A few months ago, Post-Neo co-founder and recent FIDDLESTICKS contributor dadaDavid Hartke announced the commencement of a new series of Post-Neo Cookbooks, the first one to be drinkable, undrinkable, or anti-drinkable mixed drinks, based on the theme of Massacres. WE ARE ALL INVITED TO CONTRIBUTE!!!As is the case with showing up at parties and performances, there seems to be a stigma attached to contributing to publications on time (in this case Warren & Olchar are guilty as well). Let's all (including us) get Dave some material so that he can make up more amazing recipe pages like the three samples below, one recipe by Aaron Andrews and the other two by Dave himself! leave a comment or send your drink recipe to
If there are enough recipes by then, maybe the cookbook could be used as part of the Anti-Banquet that's been talked about a bit on the blog and/or the NJ premier of Ubu Roi, which will involve a devestating drinking game...

For some reason blogger insists on removing all of the red from this image. I don't even know how it does this, let alone why. Hmmm.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Olchar's Fiddlesticks 3 Report finally!

Sorry about the sporadic blog updates, if anyone's trying to read them, but we're busy as motherfuckers out here trying to keep Fiddlesticks going and attempting to get everything ready for June (especially since so few people are communicating via the blog, which of course results in more work for us). But better late than never, so here's my (admittedly basic) report on the events for Fiddlesticks #3; we'll get reports and documentation up for the next two asap, along with other goodies.

Video documentation of all of this is a bit further down the blog.

Of course, by the time this thing went down, UPS still hadn't delivered Angee's contribution, though I'd had several arguments with them concerning it over the phone. So in the meantime, we tried to give her a presence by producing a puppet play based on an episode from her comic book Mossdale Estate. Initially this seemed like an unlikely decision, and it was certainly quite different from the prototypical Post-Neo puppet play, with its cartoon voices, screaming, shouting of nonsense, vomiting, pounding mayhem; like the comic book it was (relatively, at least) understated and sober. But both in the production of the play itself and in the story that Angee sent us to (anti-)dramatize, it showed how Post-Neo can and has existed in a very wide variety of modes that despite being very different on many levels, nonetheless inform and enrich and even directly develop each other. On the one hand, Mossdale Estate and Angee's work in general is aesthetically and even conceptually very different from the most noisy and assertive tendencies in Post-Neo. It is accessible and down-to-earth; in fact it is generally not even 'absurd' at all (the same could be said of many other people who have been vital parts of the Post-Neo community--Emily Panzeri, Edward Lense, Alan Reed, Casey Bradley, Imogene Engine, and many others). On the other hand, Angee, as one of the earliest collaborators on the Mr. Squibbles films, in fact helped to pioneer the Post-Neo puppet aesthetic which was here expanded to reach back toward what her work is. So on one level this puppet play was a new direction for Anti-puppetry to exlore, while on another level it was a homecoming. And the passage that she chose for us to perform also treats this encounter of the raucous face of Post-Neo with the everyday, with 'real people': her nursing-home resident Rose has come by chance upon the album of the first Post-Neo group, Catharsism of Narcotica, and we watch her quietly come to terms with her encounter with this 'thing' that she has no way to even contextualize.

Next Warren read a poem of his own, one of my favourites from Synapse 3, and four phonetic poems by William Clippenger (no relation to Martha Clippenger as far as I know--correct me if I'm wrong; I've corresponded a bit but never met him in person). These are precisely the kinds of phonetic poems Warren excels at reading: repetitive cycles morphing slightly upon each return, plenty of open vowels that allow him to hurl his voice unrelentingly against the wall in wave upon sharp wave, with the no-nonsense attack of an a-verbal battering-ram, atavistic and throaty. I've actually not seen Warren perform per se nearly as much as I'd like or expect ince I came to New Jersey, and it was refreshing.

I myself have scarcely performed at all since I came here either, and actually this was my first solo performance since I arrived! (needless to say, Brute Salon and soirees are something else, really, more like conversing.) I did my sub-phonetic poem Prayer for the Poison-Child, the first from this body of work I've performed for over a year; and I've missed it. Due to the nature of New Jersey's particular version of Post-Neo, in which group automatism is more the focus than discreet or semi-discreet poems, plays, and sketches as it was in Britain, and also due to my having nowhere to rehearse and exercise my vocal apparatus for a few hours a week as I used to, it was a bit strained, and my breathing was especially shoddy; for the most part though I settled into the poem like an old glove (which it is), and my time apart from the score may actually have helped me to find a greater range of interpretations. Hope to rehearse and do another, longer one at the festival in June.

After all the performances we all went up and hung out in Jamie Bruno's studio, which has just about become a little Fiddlesticks tradition; talked about whatever it was we talked about (hey, it's been three weeks), did some exquisite corpses and other games while Jamie drew on her wall, and finally split about 4:30 AM or some such ungodly time.

And that was that.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

3-D Print Show

Hi. So this isn't directly relate to the anti-festival, but it could... Basically I am going to invite all reading this to participate in a print exchange hosted by Spudnik Press (details below). It is a completely separate entity from the anti-festival, and the prints produced are not toys, and for the most part, won't likely be made under that moniker of "Anti-Art". However, the work produced does require viewers to where 3-D red and blue glasses, which is remeniscent of childhood, which is remeniscent of toys. And it sounds like there will be plenty of toys at the festival... oh, and I could bring all the prints with me when I come to New Jersey June 21st and 22nd.

3-D Print Show and Exchange:

In an attempt to merge high brow with low brow, "traditional techniques" with contemporary trends, and fun with serious, we are facilitating a print exchange (and show) featuring all 3-D work. Not actually 3 dimensional, mind you. But 3-D when viewed with those charming
red and blue glasses.

How does it work? Spudnik prints a red and blue gridded background on 20 sheets of paper, then send them your way. You print an image on the gridded paper, and ship back 12 identical prints. We hang 'em up for a show. After the show, you will receive a portfolio with 10 3-D prints from other artists. Every participant gets their very own 3-D glasses!

We have tested this paper with silkscreen, relief, and intaglio, and it worked beautifully. Bold, graphic images work well, but we are excited to see it pushed in other directions.

Register by April 15, 2008
Deadline to receive prints is May 15, 2008

The 3-D Print Show
Commemorating the 1 year anniversary of Spudnik
Opening and Fundraising Event
June 7, 2008

For the full downloadable prospectus, visit If you have any questions, please contact us at

Monday, April 7, 2008

Fiddlesticks FIVE!!!!!!!!!!

Fiddlesticks Five!!!!!!!!!
A Post-NeoAbsurdist Perpetual Exhibition Macheen!
Here they went soon!
This Saturday April 12th at 7:00pm
At Lost and Found Gallery - Room 230 CSB
33 Livingston, New Brunswick NJ 08901

In this exhibition works by:

Emilie Lennard of Toledo Ohio: Her sardonically whimsical cartoons have appeared in the Appropriated Press of Post-Neo's Columbus Ohio days and she's one of the co-creator/producer/director of the infamous Mr. Squibbles video series with the Olchar. As an added bonus Emily will be in town to partake in this gala affair!

David Beris Edwards of Totnes England: remroF Contrarealist and current anti-presario of British Post-Neo, Mr. Edwards never ceases to amaze on every level of his involvement with the movement- a bountiful array of absurdities, poetics, and zombified lobsters issue like salty geisers from his very fingertips. Loverly!

Joelle Howald of New Brunswick NJ: Meme-rider and transformationist of the highest order, Jowelle's soul-stirring attention towards the participants in her workshops puts that harlot Mother Teressa to shame. Here's to pick-nick tables, blankets, and string!

Nathan Schaffer of New Brunswick NJ: Pataphysical Scouting troop master and Meme-rider this guru of sci-fi and speculative media has shattered more than his share of imaginative boundaries. Hey, a healthy dose of liquid nitrogen never hurt anybody.

The Nights Events :
I. DAVID BERIS (EDWARDS: Paraded Before your Ears as a Walrus Ache) Reading

An official David Beris Edwards reading by local Post-Neos is long overdue. Most certainly there will be works shared from his BALLYHOO, a 99% chance of SPLAT POEMS, and a whirlwind of speculation concerning a mysterious bucket filled with sub-equine mammary-leavings.

II. Mr. Squibbles Video Series: The New Brunswick Premier
The Mr. Squibbles series began many years ago while Emilie Lennard and Olchar (two buding post-neos) were vacationing in Michigan. Over the years at least half a dozen or more Post-Neos have contributed in some way to their creation, stepping in and out of cameraperson/actor/director/writer roles in the midst of 'just hanging out' and making them happen. The movies inform Post-Neo narrative, humor, antics, puppetry, and heaps of other interesting things; a perfect example of the creative re-appropriation of leisure time.

We will be airing two BRAND NEW! Squibbles videos:

Mr. Squibbles Goes to Jail
Mr. Squibbles
Climbs a Christmas Tree
And some Old Favorites.
Chronic Depression: Its no Monkey

Mr. Squibbles Goes Camping
Mr. Squibbles Goes to Hell

AND! In the interim between video showings you can participate in making the new Squibbles feature: Mr. Squibbles Watches Movies* Mr. Squibbles and his co-star Mr. Livingston will be on hand with a video camera and at your filmic disposal! Are you ready to craft another mind-bending epic of ape-death?
*title variable

All Fall ON!
This is one for the ages!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Polite Request for POEMS Composed for an ELECTRONIC L.E.D Scrolling DEVICE

Through means entirely legal, although somewhat questionable, I have acquired TWENTY FOUR small 2x3 1/4 inch programmable scrolling LED devices. "What is a programmable scrolling LED device?" you may ask. WELL, to put it simply its a small plastic THING that allows you to program messages into it, that are then displayed by red Light Emitting Diodes scrolling in a left to right fashion. Sort of like those horrid scrolling news tickers in Times Square that show headlines or signs in convenience stores that say "buy 3 beef sticks get 2 free!" EXCEPT this programmable scrolling LED device can fit in your pocket.

SO I would like to ask, if programmable scrolling LED devices suits your fancy, to (de)compose a 256 character (spaces and punctuation included) poem/piece/vomit/novel/sonnet/psalm/biography/map/musical for these devices.

Please keep in mind the following limitations when creating your masterwork:

-The words/characters move left to right
-Speed can be adjusted to very slow to very fast
-The cases for the devices will be painted white
-You can use the following characters:





Please keep in mind you can dictate how you would like the device to be oriented (90 degrees scrolling up, or 36 degrees scrolling down) and PLEASE let me know of any other ideas or things you would like to try with these toys.

The limitations are the best part and dont forget that the words M O V E !

Send your texts to: reidbingham [at] gmail [dot] com

I will post GIFs of these as I receive/program them and hopefully if there is a toy show they can be shown there or elsewhere.