Monday, April 7, 2008

Fiddlesticks FIVE!!!!!!!!!!

Fiddlesticks Five!!!!!!!!!
A Post-NeoAbsurdist Perpetual Exhibition Macheen!
Here they went soon!
This Saturday April 12th at 7:00pm
At Lost and Found Gallery - Room 230 CSB
33 Livingston, New Brunswick NJ 08901

In this exhibition works by:

Emilie Lennard of Toledo Ohio: Her sardonically whimsical cartoons have appeared in the Appropriated Press of Post-Neo's Columbus Ohio days and she's one of the co-creator/producer/director of the infamous Mr. Squibbles video series with the Olchar. As an added bonus Emily will be in town to partake in this gala affair!

David Beris Edwards of Totnes England: remroF Contrarealist and current anti-presario of British Post-Neo, Mr. Edwards never ceases to amaze on every level of his involvement with the movement- a bountiful array of absurdities, poetics, and zombified lobsters issue like salty geisers from his very fingertips. Loverly!

Joelle Howald of New Brunswick NJ: Meme-rider and transformationist of the highest order, Jowelle's soul-stirring attention towards the participants in her workshops puts that harlot Mother Teressa to shame. Here's to pick-nick tables, blankets, and string!

Nathan Schaffer of New Brunswick NJ: Pataphysical Scouting troop master and Meme-rider this guru of sci-fi and speculative media has shattered more than his share of imaginative boundaries. Hey, a healthy dose of liquid nitrogen never hurt anybody.

The Nights Events :
I. DAVID BERIS (EDWARDS: Paraded Before your Ears as a Walrus Ache) Reading

An official David Beris Edwards reading by local Post-Neos is long overdue. Most certainly there will be works shared from his BALLYHOO, a 99% chance of SPLAT POEMS, and a whirlwind of speculation concerning a mysterious bucket filled with sub-equine mammary-leavings.

II. Mr. Squibbles Video Series: The New Brunswick Premier
The Mr. Squibbles series began many years ago while Emilie Lennard and Olchar (two buding post-neos) were vacationing in Michigan. Over the years at least half a dozen or more Post-Neos have contributed in some way to their creation, stepping in and out of cameraperson/actor/director/writer roles in the midst of 'just hanging out' and making them happen. The movies inform Post-Neo narrative, humor, antics, puppetry, and heaps of other interesting things; a perfect example of the creative re-appropriation of leisure time.

We will be airing two BRAND NEW! Squibbles videos:

Mr. Squibbles Goes to Jail
Mr. Squibbles
Climbs a Christmas Tree
And some Old Favorites.
Chronic Depression: Its no Monkey

Mr. Squibbles Goes Camping
Mr. Squibbles Goes to Hell

AND! In the interim between video showings you can participate in making the new Squibbles feature: Mr. Squibbles Watches Movies* Mr. Squibbles and his co-star Mr. Livingston will be on hand with a video camera and at your filmic disposal! Are you ready to craft another mind-bending epic of ape-death?
*title variable

All Fall ON!
This is one for the ages!