Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Allright, settings are changed so hopefully we will soon return to "hardly any comments" rather than "hundreds of fake comments". Probably an improvement.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Send me your things.

Time, forever being eaten up by worms and people and bits of stuff, is a precious commodity in today’s MODERN DIGITAL AGE. The arts (ha ha) are, though arguably necessary, more or less a complete waste of time. It is with this in mind that I am announcing my intention to begin publishing a regular online journal for the brothers, sisters and distant cousins of the Post-NeoAbsurdist Anti-Family who (like myself) find themselves with very little time in which to indulge in the vital pointlessness of creative endeavour.

Every fortnight (or thereabouts) I intend to release into the tangled mess of decaying ideas that is the World Wide Internet a tiny bundle of Content which will, if used correctly, take up no more than five minutes of your unquestionably busy day to consume.

To help me achieve this pitiful vision, I need stuff. Your stuff. Please shove anything you might have (so long as it’s tiny and in some way good) into my starving inbox via davidberisedwards at gmail dot com

Images: No bigger than five centimetres by five centimetres.
Texts: No longer than 100 words.
Sounds: (For potential sound supplement) No longer than thirty seconds.

The sooner the better, my lovely ducklings.

Ta &c.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thomas L. Taylor

Thomas L. Taylor passed away yesterday, Sunday the 13th. As many of you know, he had been struggling with cancer for over a year.
Tom has been a remarkably warm and generous friend and collaborator with many of us in this community even at the height of his illness, and has been an essential part of the avant writing community for many decades.

Jim Leftwich has put up a page where you can see some of his recent work:


A guide to his collection here at OSU may be seen here:


Additionally, his beautiful poem Tract was the centrefold of Synapse 3 and his poems appear in various other Post-Neo publications, and his collaborative book with bela is being distributed as it becoms financially feasible.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


pREvIEw mY bOOk aT: http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/what-it-says/7447040

Monday, July 27, 2009

dbe's gravy

dbe's gravy
Originally uploaded by postneoabsurdism
from son of a brute salon 07/24/ADa 93 @ the Oromancer.

photos of the actual gravy at http://flickr.com/photos/mindbum

the sex snail, an american hero

from son of a brute salon 07/24/ADa 93 @ the Oromancer - more images on the pna flickr

is not as bad

is not as bad
Originally uploaded by postneoabsurdism
from son of a brute salon 07/24/ADa 93 @ the Oromancer - more images on the pna flickr


Originally uploaded by postneoabsurdism
from son of a brute salon 07/24/ADa 93 @ the Oromancer - more images on the pna flickr

financial services can fuck off - scroll page two

from son of a brute salon 07/24/ADa 93 @ the Oromancer - this is part of a typewriter scroll. there are a total of six pages, all of which one could view on the pna flickr.

financial services can fuck off - scroll page one

from son of a brute salon 07/24/ADa 93 @ the Oromancer - this is part of a typewriter scroll. there are a total of six pages, all of which one could view on the pna flickr.

obama doesn't read his news

from son of a brute salon 07/24/ADa 93 @ the Oromancer - more images on the pna flickr

forking the bedlam

forking the bedlam
Originally uploaded by postneoabsurdism
from son of a brute salon 07/24/ADa 93 @ the Oromancer


Originally uploaded by postneoabsurdism
from son of a brute salon 07/24/ADa 93 @ the Oromancer

a blue ribbon for hermes: i am always here again

from son of a brute salon 07/24/ADa 93 @ the Oromancer

the end of eleoquence: a tool of deception

from son of a brute salon 07/24/ADa 93 @ the Oromancer

heaven was torn in half

heaven was torn in half
Originally uploaded by mindbum
from son of a brute salon 07/24/ADa 93 @ the Oromancer

a black ribbon for royal

a black ribbon for royal
Originally uploaded by mindbum
from son of a brute salon 07/24/ADa 93 @ the Oromancer

Sunday, July 26, 2009

son of a brute salon

son of a brute salon
the oromancer, new brunswick, nj

photos from aaron howard
click on the photos to enter the photostream

more photos, scans, and video to follow!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oromancer 5/24/09 Video BananTIza!

It was May 24th and we recorded our friends (below) doing and performing the things they perform and do in our home, a.k.a. the Oromancer.

Most unfortunately we were not able to get Aaron Howard (Brooklyn, NY) and Cory Wellington (New Brunswick, NJ) on video due to the exhaustion of our tape supply. You can hear them here http://postneoabsurdism.com/may2493.html at Tomislav's inspired audio archive of the event! If anyone has video of these magnificent folks please let us know, we'd love to get our mitts on em!

Joe Ruck @ The Oromancer 5/24/09 from PNA-Video on Vimeo.

All Over The Where @ The Oromancer 5/24/09 from PNA-Video on Vimeo.


Dirt Auction Part 1 @ The Oromancer 5/24/09 from PNA-Video on Vimeo.

Jeff Zagers @ The Oromancer from PNA-Video on Vimeo.


The Ruined Frame @ The Oromancer 5/24/09 from PNA-Video on Vimeo.


Colonel Pratt @ The Oromancer 5/24/09 from PNA-Video on Vimeo.

Dirt Auction Part 2 @ The Oromancer 5/24/09 from PNA-Video on Vimeo.


Post-Neo Comedy Sketch @ The Oromancer 5/24/09 from PNA-Video on Vimeo.

Accidental Seabirds @ The Oromancer 5/24/09 from PNA-Video on Vimeo.



Brian Ross (Brooklyn, NY), Martha Clippinger (Brooklyn, NY), and Sarah Granett (Newark, NJ) hung a show of their recent visual work in Oromancer's living/dining/gallery rooms. Here are some photos taken by Tsubasa Berg to give you an idea.

Brian Ross's animation Walker

Colonel Pratt backed by works of Sara Granett and Martha Clippenger

Love and Barrrs!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No, its not the '56 Eurovision Song Contest! - May 24th @ the Oromancer


The show that featured:

Accidental Seabirds (NY)
All Over The Where (NY/NJ)
Martha Clippinger (NY)
Colonel Pratt
Emily Colvin
Evan Damerow
Warren Fry and Olchar Lindsann
Sarah Granett
Aaron Howard (NY)
Brian Ross (NY)
Joseph Ruck
The Ruined Frame (MD)
Cory Wellington
Jeff Zagers (GA)

–is now Available for Download at:


You get to relive the WHOLE damn event, dirt, pie, herring and all!!

Tracks have been titled where the titles were known, and updates will be made if anyone would like to send titles.

A flickr has also been created to host various Post-Neo-Absurdist images and if anyone would like to upload some photos, just ask for the login info. [ http://flickr.com/photos/postneoabsurdism/ ] There is yet to be found a multiple-person-login type of feature.

Thanks again to everyone who performed, read, shewed work, and just shewed up!


PNA NJ, esq.

Original Post

Cross Listed: The Oromancer on myspace

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mount Yer Dolly 'n' Joust!


***!!PostNeoABSURDist Aesthletic CHAIR JOUSTING!!***


Tomislav Butkovic and Warren Fry vs Evan Damerow and Olchar Lindsann
Kim Berman and Warren Fry vs Debra Keanelly and Evan Damerow
Warren Fry and Kim Berman vs Olchar Lindsann and
Tomislav Butkovic
Tom Russotti and Tomislav Butkovic vs Jeremy Mintz and Evan Damerow
Greg Kim and Olchar Lindsann vs Drew Valins and Evan Damerow

Also included is a post-Chair Jousting Fire Spinning performance by Julie Ziff Sint.

This event occured at the Dirty Dirty after the Aesthletic Wiffle Hurling All-Star game held at Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY on March 14th 2009.

For more on the Dirty Dirty visit: [ http://thedirtydirtybrooklyn.blogspot.com ]
For more on the Institute for Aesthletics visit: [ http://aesthletics.org ]
For more on PostNeoAbsurdism: browse this blog!

Tomislav Butkovic and Evan Damerow Chair Jousting @ the Dirty Dirty from PNA-Video on Vimeo.

Kim Berman and Debra Keanelly Chair Jousting @ the Dirty Dirty from PNA-Video on Vimeo.

Warren Fry and Olchar Lindsann Chair Jousting @ the Dirty Dirty from PNA-Video on Vimeo.

Tom Russotti and Jeremy Mintz Chair Jousting @ the Dirty Dirty from PNA-Video on Vimeo.

Greg Kim and Drew Valins Chair Jousting @ the Dirty Dirty from PNA-Video on Vimeo.

Julie Ziff Sint Fire Spinning @ the Dirty Dirty from PNA-Video on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Ruined Frame @ the Oromancer

The Ruined Frame (Rick Weaver MD)

with J Zagers (GA)

Aaron Howard (NY)


Accidental Seabirds (NY)

Colonel Pratt (NJ)

Emily Colvin (NJ)

Joseph Ruck (NJ)

Cory Wellington (NJ)

Sunday the 24th of May at High Noon!

The Oromancer is proud to welcome back some old friends and say hello to some new ones! Rick Weaver (The Ruined Frame) will be up from Baltimore on a regional tour with his friend Jeff Zagers from Savannah, Georgia. From New York we're honored to have our good friends Aaron Howard, Accidental Seabirds, and Colin Challender & Reid Bingham's AllOverTheWhere. New Brunswick's own Colonel Pratt, Emily Colvin, Cory Wellington and Joseph Ruck will be sharing their talents! And something from us Post-Neo's will be in the offing!

Also dropping in with visual work to share will be

Brian Ross (NY),
Sarah Granett (NJ),
Martha Clippinger (NY),
and, quite possibly, more!

BYOB and food please!

131 Bayard Street
New Brunswick, NJ

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


At long last!
Be Blank Consort's performance at The Oromancer is here!

This event took place on November 8th 2008 in conjunction with Cathy Mehrl-Bennett's My Kimono Show which featured her digitally collaged homages to collaborators and friends within the mail art and experimental poetry community.   

Participating in the Be Blank reading were:

John M. Bennett
Scott Helms
K. S. Ernst
Geof Huth
Marylin Rosenberg
C. Merhl-Bennett
Olchar Lindsann
Tomislav Butković
Warren Fry

The evening began with individual readings.

Unfortunately our videographer had to change out the tape during the performance of Al Ackerman's Poem for Six Readers and a Dog, a Be Blank favorite.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anti-Mass at the 2009 Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival

See, see, documentation from the Roanoke festival continues to appear! Here is that Sunday morning's Anti-Mass ceremony, concocted and overseen by Bradley Chriss, Tomislav Butkovic, Warren Fry, and Sara Adrian. Benedictions are granted to Aaron Bensen, John M. Bennett, Olchar Lindsann, Ralph Eaton, Julian Mathews, and Jim Leftwich.

Soon we'll put up Ralph's reading of the Bible Babel, which occurred several minutes after, this; then Lindsann's phonetic poem and part of Michael Peter's Vaast Bin performance, and that's everything we've got from Roanoke.

Also within a few days--official info on the upcoming re-re-convening of events at the PNA Oromancer space here in New Jersey, with Rick Weaver up from Baltimore and a slew of other Post-Neo friends from NJ and NY.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ubu Enchained, Act V: The Cycle Completed.

Here it is, the last bit of Ubu Enchained. Act V was conceived with the British Post-NeoAbsurdist Cabarets in mind (the Itinerant Mirror, etc.), and though toned down in relation to those this nonetheless ensured a decent bit of physical, psychological, and aesthetic abuse of the audience, plenty of confusion and slap-dashery on the part of the hosts as well as the guests, a respectable mess afterward, and complaints from neighboring establishments about how much more interesting (i.e., loud. [i.e. awesome]) our event was than theirs.

Ubu Enchained, Act V from PNA-Video on Vimeo.

There were lovely pre-recorded bits that we rudely souted over, and improvised scenes-turned-actions. This act would have been performed Saturday night at the Water Heater space, but due to Olchar's puking everywhere it had to be delayed til Sunday, in a different space. Hosting were Olchar Lindsann, Warren Fry, Tomislav Butkovic, Julian Mathews, Evan Damerow, Bradley Chriss, and Megan Blafas. Sara Adrian filmed. Jim Leftwich caried the Vizier around for Julian; and let it be known that was John Bennett who pulled out his knife and started freeing all of the prisoners a few minutes in, leading the inevitable audience backlash (which we nonetheless were forced to keep firmly in line). Ralph Eaton also tormented us quite a bit. Asshole.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ubu Enchained, ACT IV

Ubu Enchained, Act IV

Performed at the Water Heater (Roanoke VA) on 2/21/2009 in conjunction with the 2nd Annual Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival.

In this performance: Evan Damerow, Tomislav Butkovic, Olchar Lindsann, and Warren Fry.

Ubu Enchained, Act IV from PNA-Video on Vimeo.

Act IV follows in the tradition of Post-NeoAbsurdist puppet theater. With special guest stars Mr. Squibbles as Perkins, Tsubasa Berg's altered 'BAR' Chicken as Lord Dufferin, and Mr. Livingston as Pa Ubu, the roll he made famous in Olchar Lindsann's shitr film, Ubu Roi.

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Meat Performance by France's Julian Blaine


Sunday, March 29, 2009

UBU Enchained, ACT III

Ubu Enchained

Participating in this event were members of the New Jersey and Washington D.C. Post-NeoAbsurdist Contingents and members the Water Heater audience.

Ubu Enchained, Act III from PNA-Video on Vimeo.

Performed on 2/21/09 at the Water Heater, Roanoke VA

Act III was conceived as a live, participatory foley event. It appeared after act IV (coming soon) which was performed earlier that day. The dialogue was prerecorded and played over loud-speaker while event participants used objects like shoes, chains, and watermelons to produce live foley sounds. We ran out of tape before the act ended so the last two minutes are lost to memory, unfortunately.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A few words from Amy Oliver

Documentation of Act II of Ubu Enchained is posted below. Here are some words from the play's translator, Amy Oliver, which I asked for as a shoddy stand-in for her actual presence at the goings-on (stuck as she was over in the U of K):

Dear friends, enemies and innocent bystanders,

In the interests of brevity, I will be brev. Suffice it to say that if the experience of translating this play has taught me anything, it is that the act of translation involves not merely substituting one word for another, that is to say not at all. It involves rewriting the whole thing, not merely for speakers of English, but for speakers of the 21st Century, of America and England, of digital watches and fat-free yoghurt and 24-hour supermarket shopping. That is not to say that the text has been brought up to date in any way- indeed, I hope it maintains that unnatural combination of eerie timelessness and off-putting anachronism with which, in part, Alfred Jarry won our love in the first place.

My other great realisation was that, contrary to my previous beliefs, I could not actually speak French at all. This was, as you can imagine, something of an impediment to the completion of this project. Nevertheless, I discovered that by staring intensely at the book for a protracted period of time, I was able to extract some meaning from the senseless gobbledegook on the page. It is that meaning, painstakingly squeezed, that we present to you

My thanks go out, of course, to the New Jersey Post-Neo contingent, firstly for doing me the honour of choosing to perform my translation of Ubu Enchainé, and secondly for edifying it with what I anticipate to be a truly shit-hot performance. I hope you may come to appreciate the horrors which I have wrought upon this poor, defenceless piece of theatre. I am clutched by horrifying pangs of grief when I think that I cannot be with you today in order to suffer the deluge of rotten fruit, eggs, other groceries and perhaps even physical beatings that I might otherwise have found myself suffocating beneath in the event of your displeasure.

Thank you.

Amy Oliver, Feb 2009


Slowly but surely! Here is Act II of Ubu Roi from the Marginal Arts Festival, in the form of a shadow-play. Act II was actually the fourth to be performed, on Sunday shortly before Act V.

Evan made the puppets, performing them are him, Megan Blafas, Warren Fry, and me (Olchar), with Tomislav on sound.

More documentation up soon!

Hello Roanoke, Hello Deleuze, Hello Economy

Here's a video detailing Psychogeographic activities in Roanoke, VA from our friend Matt Ames:

Monday, March 9, 2009

T.J Anderson Reads Bob Kaufman

Proff. T. J. Anderson is an associate professor of English at Hollins University. He is the author of Last Round Up and Notes to Make the Sound Come Right: Four Inovators of Jazz Poetry and has written extensively on jazz poetry and African American literature.

Bob Kaufman (1925-1986) was a surrealist/beat poet most known for his activity in the late 1950's and early 1960's in the San Fransisco Bay area. Known in France as the American Rimbaud, he co-founded Beatitude Magazine and is considered by many to be the quintessential jazz poet of his generation. His spoken word poetry comes to us largely because of the work of his wife Eileen Singe who transcribed his readings.

Anderson is seen her at the Water Heater in conjunction with the Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival. He is accompanied by Matt Ames on guitar. Later, Post-NeoAbsurdists Brad Chriss and Olchar Lindsann join him for a simultaneous scat poem. Anderson caps off the reading with two of his own poems.

T.J. Anderson reads Bob Kaufman at the Water Heater, Roanoke VA, 2/21/09 from PNA-Video on Vimeo.


On yardbird corners of embryonic hopes, drowned in a heroin tear.
On yardbird corners of parkerflights to sound filled pockets in space.
On neuro-corners of striped brains & desperate electro-surgeons.
On alcohol corners of pointless discussion & historical hangovers.
On television corners of cornflakes & rockwells impotent America.
On university corners of tailored intellect & greek letter openers.
On military corners of megathon deaths & universal anesthesia.
On religious corners of theological limericks and
On radio corners of century-long records & static events.
On advertising corners of filter-tipped ice-cream & instant instants
On teen-age corners of comic book seduction and corrupted guitars,
On political corners of wamted candidates & ritual lies.
On motion picture corners of lassie & other symbols.
On intellectual corners of conversational therapy & analyzed fear.
On newspaper corners of sexy headlines & scholarly comics.
On love divided corners of die now pay later mortuaries.
On philosophical corners of semantic desperadoes & idea-mongers.
On middle class corners of private school puberty & anatomical revolts
On ultra-real corners of love on abandoned roller-coasters
On lonely poet corners of low lying leaves & moist prophet eyes.

by Bob Kaufman

Thursday, March 5, 2009

UBU Enchained ACT I

We're back...FINALLY!

Just last week Olchar Lindsann, Evan Damerow, Tom Butkovic, Julian Mathews, Brad Chriss, Megan Blafas and I got back from Roanoke VA after having finished our production of Alfred Jarry's Ubu Enchained, translated from the French by British Post-Neo Amy Oliver. We were invited by Jim Leftwich, Brian Counihan and Ralph Eaton to perform the play in conjunction with the Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival. It was decided early on to take a different approach with each act (pantomime, improv, puppet play, shadow play, and radio play with live foley sound), which gave us a chance to explore different creative modes and lent itself well to the loose structure of the Festival itself.

Here is a link to Jim Leftwich's amazing Flicker post of the Marginal Arts Festival (with over athousand photos):

Here is Act I, which we decided to do as an improv of the original script. It took place on Market St. in downtown Roanoke and was strategically positioned at the mid-point of the 1st Hoo-Rah Marginal Arts Parade organized by Ralph Eaton.

Ubu Enchained


Pa Ubu- Brad Chriss

Ma Ubu- Megan Blafas
Pisspoor- Evan Damerow
Pisspot & Eslpeth- Julian Mathews
The Three Free Men- Tomislav Butkovic, Olchar Lindsann, Warren Fry

UbU Enchained ACT I part1 05/20/09 from PNA-Video on Vimeo.

Camerwork by Jim Leftwich (thanks Jim!)


We have a host of documentation to go through and put up on the blog. This includes the Be Blank Consort, which took place in New Brunswick last November (its almost ready), the rest of last summers Anti-Festival, and Fiddlesticks events from nearly a year ago. So, our work is cut out for us. But bare with us, its coming!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tom Taylor's Birthday is Today

the slaves rebellion

he stands at the crossroads of humanity
composd in the moment which has enveloped all of us

ghandi asserts the left

the slaves stand silently in the wet fields
in small groups. tears are streaming down their faces

we are the silence you created, come to revive you
into life itself and its promises and forgiveness

such a quiet rebellion! engendered from within
great circumstance toward the light on the horizon
of emptiness, into the flames on the borders of the heart

we walked slowly and deliberately --
a man approached the beast saying 'trust me'

we remember 'I have a dream' as we all did
as we all had a dream, as we all do still

the embrace of history's arms is calm and sea
gulls rise through the flamingos at incirlik airfield
the jets thundered in and out, no bird strikes ever

this is the salience of small things arriving in the mail

now let's go out and kick some ass


Eat Your Meat and Potatoes