Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No, its not the '56 Eurovision Song Contest! - May 24th @ the Oromancer


The show that featured:

Accidental Seabirds (NY)
All Over The Where (NY/NJ)
Martha Clippinger (NY)
Colonel Pratt
Emily Colvin
Evan Damerow
Warren Fry and Olchar Lindsann
Sarah Granett
Aaron Howard (NY)
Brian Ross (NY)
Joseph Ruck
The Ruined Frame (MD)
Cory Wellington
Jeff Zagers (GA)

–is now Available for Download at:


You get to relive the WHOLE damn event, dirt, pie, herring and all!!

Tracks have been titled where the titles were known, and updates will be made if anyone would like to send titles.

A flickr has also been created to host various Post-Neo-Absurdist images and if anyone would like to upload some photos, just ask for the login info. [ http://flickr.com/photos/postneoabsurdism/ ] There is yet to be found a multiple-person-login type of feature.

Thanks again to everyone who performed, read, shewed work, and just shewed up!


PNA NJ, esq.

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