Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tom Taylor's Birthday is Today

the slaves rebellion

he stands at the crossroads of humanity
composd in the moment which has enveloped all of us

ghandi asserts the left

the slaves stand silently in the wet fields
in small groups. tears are streaming down their faces

we are the silence you created, come to revive you
into life itself and its promises and forgiveness

such a quiet rebellion! engendered from within
great circumstance toward the light on the horizon
of emptiness, into the flames on the borders of the heart

we walked slowly and deliberately --
a man approached the beast saying 'trust me'

we remember 'I have a dream' as we all did
as we all had a dream, as we all do still

the embrace of history's arms is calm and sea
gulls rise through the flamingos at incirlik airfield
the jets thundered in and out, no bird strikes ever

this is the salience of small things arriving in the mail

now let's go out and kick some ass