Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ubu Enchained, Act V: The Cycle Completed.

Here it is, the last bit of Ubu Enchained. Act V was conceived with the British Post-NeoAbsurdist Cabarets in mind (the Itinerant Mirror, etc.), and though toned down in relation to those this nonetheless ensured a decent bit of physical, psychological, and aesthetic abuse of the audience, plenty of confusion and slap-dashery on the part of the hosts as well as the guests, a respectable mess afterward, and complaints from neighboring establishments about how much more interesting (i.e., loud. [i.e. awesome]) our event was than theirs.

Ubu Enchained, Act V from PNA-Video on Vimeo.

There were lovely pre-recorded bits that we rudely souted over, and improvised scenes-turned-actions. This act would have been performed Saturday night at the Water Heater space, but due to Olchar's puking everywhere it had to be delayed til Sunday, in a different space. Hosting were Olchar Lindsann, Warren Fry, Tomislav Butkovic, Julian Mathews, Evan Damerow, Bradley Chriss, and Megan Blafas. Sara Adrian filmed. Jim Leftwich caried the Vizier around for Julian; and let it be known that was John Bennett who pulled out his knife and started freeing all of the prisoners a few minutes in, leading the inevitable audience backlash (which we nonetheless were forced to keep firmly in line). Ralph Eaton also tormented us quite a bit. Asshole.