Thursday, April 10, 2008

3-D Print Show

Hi. So this isn't directly relate to the anti-festival, but it could... Basically I am going to invite all reading this to participate in a print exchange hosted by Spudnik Press (details below). It is a completely separate entity from the anti-festival, and the prints produced are not toys, and for the most part, won't likely be made under that moniker of "Anti-Art". However, the work produced does require viewers to where 3-D red and blue glasses, which is remeniscent of childhood, which is remeniscent of toys. And it sounds like there will be plenty of toys at the festival... oh, and I could bring all the prints with me when I come to New Jersey June 21st and 22nd.

3-D Print Show and Exchange:

In an attempt to merge high brow with low brow, "traditional techniques" with contemporary trends, and fun with serious, we are facilitating a print exchange (and show) featuring all 3-D work. Not actually 3 dimensional, mind you. But 3-D when viewed with those charming
red and blue glasses.

How does it work? Spudnik prints a red and blue gridded background on 20 sheets of paper, then send them your way. You print an image on the gridded paper, and ship back 12 identical prints. We hang 'em up for a show. After the show, you will receive a portfolio with 10 3-D prints from other artists. Every participant gets their very own 3-D glasses!

We have tested this paper with silkscreen, relief, and intaglio, and it worked beautifully. Bold, graphic images work well, but we are excited to see it pushed in other directions.

Register by April 15, 2008
Deadline to receive prints is May 15, 2008

The 3-D Print Show
Commemorating the 1 year anniversary of Spudnik
Opening and Fundraising Event
June 7, 2008

For the full downloadable prospectus, visit If you have any questions, please contact us at