Sunday, June 15, 2008

ANTI-FESTIVAL WEEKEND #1: Barm release reading

We're getting these up here as fast as we can--for the BARM release on Saturday, 7 June, people from the New Jersey community took turns mangling and wrangling poems from the journal. Here's every single one! Huzzah!

Steve Dolnack performs T. Butković, To Be Performed Out Loud

Julian Matthews performs B. Chriss' Icarus

Kevin Donnely performs D.B. Edwards, Some Things.

Karl Doerrer performs a poem by Professor Aristotle.

Olchar Lindsann performs Fast Sedan Nellson's translation of Wordsworth's Lines Written in Early Spring into Even-More-Boring

Kevin Donnely performs a text by T. Butković

Reid Bingham delivers an Anti-Prophesy by O. Lindsann

Tomislav Butković performs A. Howard's Your hair sweeps naturally and gracefully
back from your face

Paul Bruner performs Imogene Engine's Sensory Oneirocritica

Warren Fry and Miss Ricketts debate the eternal question: Radish Art or the Babylonian Empire?

Documentation of the rest of the evening's proceedings asap!!!