Wednesday, June 4, 2008

(H)Hello everyone!

The Anti-Festival HQ is officially occupied and the festivities commence THIS SATURDAY! The schedule for the month is finally beginning to fall into place, here’s what we have so far; we’ll keep you updated as it continues to develop. There will be far more to come; here’s what we know about each weekend at the moment:

Weekend #1:

Visitors: Krista Faist (Baltimore), Paul Bruner (New Brunswick/ North Carolina).

Saturday, June 7: First Blood! Opening of Post-Neo exhibition, sound installation by Krista Faist, performances by Krista, Reid Bingham, Paul Bruner, Mark Sonnenfeld, readings from and official release of BARM, screenings of Post-Neo video journal [KUH].n., readings of historical texts and a simultaneous poem by Evan Damerow.

Weekend #2:

Visitor: Alan Reed (Quebec).

Friday, June 13: Friday the 13th Event—This is sure to involve the 19th Century gravestones we’ve found (!!!) in our side lawn.

Saturday, June 14: Dramatic reading of Reed’s ‘Orpheus’, and more to be announced.

Weekend #3:

Visitors: David Beris Edwards (United Kingdom), Eleanor Francis Waterfowl (UK), Amy Oliver (UK), Nick Hallam (UK), Angee Lennard (Chicago), Edward Lense (Columbus, OH), Bradley Chriss (Washington, DC), Megan Blafas (Washington, D.C.).

Saturday, June 21: Massive Performances!

Weekend #4:

Visitors: David Beris Edwards (United Kingdom), Eleanor Francis Waterfowl (UK), Amy Oliver (UK), Nick Hallam (UK).

Saturday, June 28: morning—Post-Neo radio hour on WFMU!
evening—Mind-eviscerating Post-Neo cabaret with the British group; DON’T MISS THIS!

Sunday, June 29: Anti-Sports and Aesthletics

* * *

There will be slots every Saturday set aside for reading/showing/playing/performing work by other people that has profoundly influenced you and which you’d like to share, just let us know if you’d like to do something; ditto for performing (etc.) your own things.

And after all of the ‘official’ events, and every other evening with whomever wants to stop by, we’ll be playing Post-Neo and Surrealist games, conversing and debating, making mail art and whatever else, performing poems, improvising; video and sound equipment will be on hand, Post-Neo toys to play with and Post-Neo films and sounds to listen to when and as the mood strikes us collectively.

Other proposed ideas: LET US KNOW IF YOU’RE INTERESTED—
-a collective book-making night
-an Anti-Banquet
-a night of acoustic[etc,] music
-an evening of Splat Poems
-a night of collective Noise improvisation

AND: for all of you local folks, there will be making, conversing, and general merriment transpiring here on most evenings this month, just give any one of us a call or stop on by.. Get in touch for more information or if you’d like to be involved or to see if there’s anything going on here at the moment!



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