Thursday, June 26, 2008


FREE pdf file AVAILABLE NOW at .. click on the title "MY KIMONO BOOK" for more info and to preview the book. OR go to and look at ALL my kimonos in a slideshow... including the ones that are not collaborations.
At my flickr set, you click on an image during the slideshow to see my comments. The comments are often embedded with web links that show the honorary person's original work before I messed with it and/or to show you that (honorary or ornery) person's vispo, poetry, photos, essays, etc. because you want to learn about them after seeing such a titillating kimono image, right?

OLCHAR LINDSANN has graciously invited me to show some digital kimono prints in a gallery space in his home in New Brunswick NJ --sometime in November before Thanksgiving-- if very many of my kimono book collaborators actually show up for a reception (and there is some interest from a few vispo V.I.P.s) then there will also have to be a "Be Blank Consort" performance that day. So stay tuned!! Olchar will post details by the time the leaves start turning pretty colors in New Brunswick.