Wednesday, June 11, 2008

let me shower and caress you with beautiful images

an attempt of showing others what they cannot (yet) see with their own eyes due to distance.

this is, partly, 'the mecca' according to Mark Sonnenfeld! we have been graced by his hand deliverance of many publications and presence in our first few days here at the house. hopefully he'll be able to make it out much more frequently!

Paul Bruner (NJ/NY/NC) Installation 'Presidential Penises' etc

Megan Blafas and (2) Post-Neo Archives

BAR BAR BAR Sword, Warren Fry
(a monument for the new brunswick city centre is currently in the works, featuring warren c. fry)

(l2r) jim leftwich, tomislav butkovic, steve dolnack

Imogene Engine

Olchar E. Lindsann

aaron andrews, warren fry

top wall: (l2r) john m. bennett, mete sarabi, brad chriss, chi-kit kwong, john m. bennett, reed altemus

warren fry, thomas russotti, brad chriss

olchar e. lindsann, emilie lennard, terri lennard, bela b. grimm, megan blafas

megan blafas, robert inhuman

evan damerow

mail-art table with tom russotti sculpture at the helm

joseph ruck before any furniture was moved in.

hopefully more later on the epic start of the anti-festival last saturday...

also, welcome... this week! alan reed from montreal, canada.