Friday, October 31, 2008

Anti-Festival 2 Video Footage!


We are alive! AND! We are busy planning and conspiring for Be Blank, who're on their way here this NOVEMBER 8th!

In the meantime we've finally got the second Anti-Festival update for you, WEEK 2!

Tomislav reading Stephanie Carlin

Tomislav reading Roland Silnachen's Poem to be Performed for Strangers

Suddenly, a window closing event!

Aaron Howard reading Allen Ginsberg's Super Market in California

Aaron Howard reading Ezra Pound's sonnet A Tree

Aaron Howard reading e.e .cummings' 'Next to of Course God America i'

Aaron Howard reading e.e. cummings' 'pity this busy monster man, unkind'

Evan Damerow reading his poem ¢¢??/?.///????/////...

Alan Reed reading from Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot

Alan Reed reading from Eric Chevillard's Crab Nebula

Olchar Lindsann and Warren Fry performing a simultaneous reading of Beowulf

Orpheus from Warren Fry on Vimeo.

Alan Reed's Orphus, as performed by Alan Reed, Olchar Lindsann and Warren Fry

Olchar Lindsann, Alan Reed, Evan Damerow, and Tomislav Butkovic performing Mallarme's Herodiade

Mark Sonnenfeld reading a few of his poems.

Evan Damerow and Tomislav Butkovic performing a collaborative sound-poem.

Cory Wellington performing a recipe for BRAINS!

Cory Wellington sings a song I don't us out Corey!

Cory Wellington performing 'Super Cup Throw'

Cory Wellington performing 'Sorrow and Death and Murder and Pain'