Monday, April 12, 2010

Mailart/Visual Poetry Exhibit at Skylab in Columbus Ohio August 2010

(Photo taken by Jim and Sue Leftwich)
Updated Sept2010 -
is over: August 1st, 2010 was the deadline and all digital vispo and vispo
mail art received was exhibited at Skylab Gallery in downtown Columbus OH August 2010 during the Avant Writing Symposium at The Ohio State University. The symposium was organized by John M Bennett, curator of the Avant Writing Collection-part of OSU library's Rare Books & MSS Library, where the mailart vispo now resides in eight archival boxes. As a tribute to John, who will retire from OSU sometime around the end of this year, SKYLAB concurrently exhibited a retrospective of JMB's visual poetry. Our son, John Also Bennett, the main curator for SKYLAB, installed JMB's vispo show, and C Mehrl Bennett (me) installed the mail art show & did the documentation. A collaboration table was set up by Jim Leftwich and other performances happened at SKYLAB Saturday night August 21st during the Avant Writing Symposium- so many participants from the OSU Avant Writing Symposium were there to see the mail art show... some of them, including the Post-NeoAbsurdist Anti-Collective, performed at Skylab and many had sent in their own vispo contributions. Photo: from left to right are Matthew Stolte (Madison, WI), Crag Hill (Moscow, ID), and Keith Buchholz (St. Louis, MO).

DOCUMENTATION and photos from opening night are at
and even MORE photos, including presentations at OSU's Avant Writing Symposium, can be found at JMB's Flickr website

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