Wednesday, June 3, 2015

POST MAF (& more)

The weekend of July 10-12 we celebrated
~~~~~~~~~~~~~AfterMAF 2015 !!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~
with three days of underground, avant-garde performance, poetry, music, publications, puppet plays, group activities, provocations, lectures, demonstrations, improvisations, and many things in-between.
The programme featured local and visiting cultural workers committed to culturally anarchic, disorienting, non-commercial, communal practice--including many long-time participants of the MAF as well as new friends drawn from the network of the international avant-garde.
Presented by an unofficial collaboration of ex-MAF organisers and local, unfunded, DIY individuals, groups and projects, including Art Rat Studios, the Roanoke branch of the Post-NeoAbsurdist Anti-Family, Philosophy INC, Collab-Fest, the Anti-Business Lounge, Monocle-Lash Anti-Press, TLPress, and Star City Shadow School.

HERE is a link to C. Mehrl Bennett's documentation of AFTER MAF which includes a few photos of the mailart exhibit announced below.
However, NOW we also have VIDEOS which were taken at ART RAT STUDIO during 2015 AFTER MAF, most uploaded to VIMEO and so are available for your viewing pleasure right HERE ! Some of the participants included:

Anti-Brain Rot Correspondence Show, official invite was a follows:

Postmark by June 27th for JULY 2015 exhibit (No Returns) to:

422 Walnut SE #2 
Roanoke VA 24014

Email response to an inquiry 2 coordinator of this mailart call
RE: Documentation: "Hi Cathy, Your shortened title works fine for me. I'm thinking of a trifold (snail-mailed) pamphlet with participants listed and some photos. Like a mini "DOCUMENT". This show interests me in that i'm not really utilizing the internet to contact everyone and it creates a social nexus at my home with minimal directly digital implications. Feel free to disseminate info however you want. It will be curated in a way that works for my cat.
Thanks for your involvement; love your glyphs.
Tomislav Butković (alias Wilheim Katastrof on FB)

Sara E. Adrian (Columbus, OH painter & more)
Matt Ames (Roanoke, VA Psychogeographer, Historian, Filmmaker, & more)
At the Moment No Idea (OH/VA free jazz-sound poetry group)
Bill Beamer (Roanoke, VA musician, poet, artist, & more)
The Be Blank Consort (OH/NY/VA Sound Poetry Group)
John M. Bennett (Columbus, OH poet, performer, & more)
Catherine Mehrl Bennett (Columbus OH writer, artist, performer, & more)
Aaron Bensen (Roanoke Backyard Blacksmith)
Tsbs Berg (New York, NY Artist, Photographer, official AFTER MAF Videographer & more)
Megan Blafas-Chriss (D.C./Roanoke artist, performer, & more)
Wilheim Katastrof (Roanoke, VA performer, blacksmith, & more)
Cat Mob (Roanoke, VA band)
Bradley Chriss (D.C./Roanoke painter, performer, & more)
Brian Counihan (Roanoke, VA painter, puppeteer, & more)
Ralph Eaton (Roanoke, VA sculptor & more)
Krista Faist (Columbus, OH sculptor & more)
Warren C. Fry (Roanoke, VA performer, gamer, & more)
Bela Grimm (Columbus, OH sculptor, collagist, & more)
Jim Leftwich (Roanoke, VA writer, theorist, & more)
Olchar E. Lindsann (Roanoke, VA performer, writer, historian, & more)
Julián Mathews (New Jersey theorist & more)
Michael Peters (Albany, NY writer, theorist, musician, performer, & more)
Post-NeoAbsurdist Anti-Family (Performance, Comedy & more)
Roanoke Mini-Zine & Micropress Fair
John Thursday (Roanoke, VA performer, erotoligist, and more)
Reid Wood (Oberlin, OH artist, performer, & more)
with other possible participants to added in the coming month, and performance scores, video sent from across the U.S. and England, and mail art from around the world.   -Schedule & After MAF info posted by Olchar E. Lindsann

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