Sunday, March 23, 2008

Condolences from England for Hector Clam!!!

David Beris Edwards over in jolly old England has composed a Splat Poem dedicated to the recently-fiddled-with organs of Hector Clam, over in jolly old New Jersey. And here it is:

AND, British Post-Neos very own poem-writing Rat (there are several but he is the Oedipal father figure), Mr. Hugo Ball-Rat, is unwell; Edwards has posted a Medicinal Poem that Monsieur Ball-Rat has written himself, which we can all chant to aid his speedy recovery. It goes as follows:

98 0000 0000000000000000§q2222qqwq
jh ff
fd 7ykly
gkk'],.ccu gv
. bn? R666d€€€€€
g g ,,i0km

mcl,o'cmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn¨ uuyyb.w.,gh gj ]0
,n/" mcm
un jyh6 6
]444nhhf ,jjjjgg

We all wish you well, Hugo!

Mr. Edwards plans to be here in person in June to check in on Hector's condition. Check out the link to his blog to your right!