Tuesday, March 4, 2008

FIDDLESTICKS!!! #2- T. Berg, A. Lennard, A. Reed, C. Whalen

This weekend the FIDDLESTICKS Perpetual Exhibition will receive its first re-writing as the second group of artists moves their work into the space:

TSUBASA BERG (New Brunswick), proprietor of the Lost & Found Gallery, and source of many of the wonderful photos on this blog and elsewhere; ANGEE LENNARD (Chicago), heart of the Spudnik Press printing space and imprint, creator of the Mossdale Estate series, and carer for the elderly; ALAN REED (Quebec), semiotician and writer in all senses of that word, beyond those of theatre-maker, poet, novelist, and theorist; and CHARLOTTE WHALEN (New Brunswick), photographer and the Danton of last year's student revolt at the school of art at Rutgers University.

THERE WILL BE TWO EVENTS THIS SATURDAY in conjunction with the show: This new embodiment of the FIDDLESTICKS show will open at 5:00 PM this Saturday, March 8th, at the Lost & Found Gallery, 2nd floor of CSB, 33 Livingston, New Brunswick. There we shall all pitch in on a workshop-surgery to SAVE HECTOR CLAM and other of our rubber friends after the carnage at last Saturday's Bosch on Ice (more reports on that on their way--see the next post).
at 8:00 PM the same night, we will RECONVENE at our place-- 221 Howard St., 3rd Floor, entrance in the rear--for a SILENT SOIREE which shall culminate with spoken words finally materializing in the form of a set of poems by IMOGENE ENGINE (Columbus, Ohio)-- inveterate social volunteer and crypto-lyric originator of Post-Neo verse--as read in her absence by Olchar E. Lindsann.

Alan, Angee, and Imogene can't be here in person for this event, but all three have expressed an intention to visit New Brunswick for the Anti-Festival in June, so come see their work now, and meet them person (and see more work) in a few months!

More info on Saturday's events will be posted tomorrow. Unfortunately, Warren and I must both be up for work again in the morning...