Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Soon we'll post photos and reports of BOSCH ON ICE; but in the meantime... well...

Sit down.

We TOLD Hector Clam not to attend Bosch on Ice. "You'll get hurt," we said. But he insisted. It is such a major event for the New Brunswick community who have collectively raised me, he argued, that I must be a part of it, how could I not be involved? Especially with the Professor and Miss Ricketts going, and even the two rubber chickens who don't have names! We reminded him that they were made of tough rubber (though that didn't stop one of those rubber chickens from getting slashed from throat to gullet!). "After all, the Comptroller and Bill Murray were staying home!" But you forget, he countered, that my first appearance was at the first Brutesthletics game, four days after Olchar arrived in town, as everyone was buying props at the thrift store! I must come! I owe it to all of my beloved Brunswites!


Someone--there are conflicting reports as to whom--got hold of Hector Clam. Over and over again he careened into the ice like Icarus dropping onto a frozen ocean. In the end he was split in half, and a part of his flank caved in--


Reid Bingham led us all in an emergency triage operating--Hector was bound together again by a rubber snake (caduceus?) wound round his waist, and a donkey-puppet pulled over his head like a hood-mask to hold his skull together (and to protect him from the sight of his own temporary dismemberment). Hector Clam is still among the living! But like the Professor, the Comptroller, Miss Ricketts (whose tongue was torn out and who has sprung a leak), Bill Murray (who no longer sings and dances), and the unfortunate unnamed rubber chicken who was torn apart while being used as a drum stick by Tsubasa during the climax of Bosch on Ice, Hector is certainly worse for wear.

Before (above) and After (below)

This is why we are convening an emergency Anti-Surgery THIS SATURDAY at 5:00 PM at the LOST & FOUND GALLERY at the opening of the 2nd FIDDLESTICKS installment. In addition to Angee Lennard (Chicago) and Alan Reed (Montreal), this show features Tsubasa Berg and Charlotte Whalen, both of whom have been Hector's roomates and foster-parents during his formative years.

Hector Clam will require some heavy reconstructive surgery, so it's been suggested that perhaps we might provide him with a form even more befitting of his grandeur; hasn't it always seemed like he might have a unicorn's horn? a __(noun)___? an etc.?

So come visit, see what these four have done with the gallery, and bring along some ideas or materials as all of us work together to repair and comfort our rubber friends and RESURRECT HECTOR CLAM!

And then, after a break for eating or otherwise refreshing, meet us AGAIN at our place at 221 Howard St., floor 3 (enter through the rear) at 8:00 PM for a Silent Soiree culminating in poems by Imogene Engine--more information below!