Tuesday, March 4, 2008


One other thing--there will be other flyers being made for this show as well, just as there were three for the first version of the exhibition. By the end of the series there should be dozens! We also invite all of YOU to make flyers for any or all of the shows as they're announced (even after the fact, if you want) and post 'em around on walls or online; and give us some for the Post-Neo Archive, books, etc.

Excessive and absurdly aggressive flyering has been a Post-Neo staple since its very inception when Dave Hartke, Aaron Andrews and I made seven or eight different flyers for the first Post-Neo show, RE:PETE:THE NOVEL:THE EXHIBITION as part of a complex and protacted publicity campaign. Let's keep the flyers coming! For your own show, someone else's, whether you're in New Jersey or on the other side of the world, whether you have any clue who these people are or not!

And make sure to POST THEM ON THIS BLOG TOO!!!