Sunday, March 23, 2008


Tsubasa Berg was on hand to record the series of delicate procedures carried out in the Lost & Found Gallery/operating theatre during FIDDLESTICKS 2 (Dr. Fry's report has been filed below):

Doctors Fry, Dolnak, Lindsann, and Butkivić gather round the operating table to examine the horribly-mangled Anti-Tom.

Drs. Butković & Fry work on the Anti-Tom in the Staple Room, as Dolnak and Salazar observe.

Dr. Steve Dolnak coping with the pressure.

The newly reconstructed Anti-Tom

A close-up of his luv-er-ly new face.

Miss Ricketts, sans tongue!

Miss Ricketts on the table, a Familiar-sized bottle of 'anesthetic' beside her.

Dr. Butković with that other rubber chicken.

Comptroller Needleman goes under the cosmetic knife.

After the surgery, he demands more 'anesthetic'.

Take a look at your new face, Comptroller!

After seeing his new face, he goes back to the bottle again.

Hector Clam's state as s/he entered the emergency room

Hey, that new snake-tail has to be put on there somehow.

And then there was hot wax for some reason.

Hector's mane is now a beard, and his broken jaw is still strong enough to grasp a paint brush!

The recovery room: plenty of soft string and hard ice.