Monday, March 31, 2008

Post-Neo Film Night--THURSDAY!

That's right, in our endless quest to eliminate all down-time, we are instituting an as-nearly-as-possible weekly Anti-Cinematech (i.e., a small TV playing DVDs from a videogame console) at Warren & Olchar's apartment; and the first one is THIS THURSDAY at 8:00 PM.

These will be pretty informal; a half-hour to forty-five minute series of Post-Neo films and documentation from the U.S. or England, followed by hanging out and talking/ artmaking/ whatever with some more PNA performance documentation that you can dip into or out of as it strikes you. Feel free to bring imbibe-ables if you wish. We both have work Friday morning, so they shan't go TOO late (presumably...)

Each week we are going to try to concentrate on one or two themes, to suggest both the similarities and differences of what Post-Neo "is" and what it looks like in different places, and has looked like in different stages of its development. Hopefully this will lay the groundwork for understanding a bit about Ohio Post-Neo or British Post-Neo or Washington Post-Neo or whatever, when you finally meet some of the people involved in June. It takes a very different form in each place and for each person, and yet there are a surprising number of both broad and intricate relationships and motifs that appear everywhere.

FOR THIS THURSDAY AT 8:00, the first installment will focus on the very first Post-Neo event EVER, in Columbus, OH, Nov. 2002; when even the most annoyingly bombastic of us were young and naive and had no fucking clue what we were getting ourselves into. The entire group shared one analogue video camera with no editing capabilities at all. The films here were screened (among others) at that first show:

Chronic Depression: It's No Monkey Business
Mr. Squibbles and Mr. Livingston are possibly the two leading Anti-stars of Post-Neo film, and a large part of the intentionally-shitty nature of much Post-Neo film. They first appeared in this film made by Emilie Lennard, who was around 13 at the time, and her brother Olchar (sans pseudonym), in which nobody can even remember their exact names.

Brooms and Bayonettes: A 3,000 Year History of CCAD Maintenance.
That's right, Post-Neo had it's roots in the Maintenance Department of Columbus College of Art & Design, when Dave Hartke, Aaron Andrews (current additions to the FIDDLESTICKS show), and Olchar (under another name!) decided to put on a show for their fellow custodians and especially their legendary boss, Pete. (Fellow Post-Neos Brad Chriss and Chi-Kit Kwong also passed through Maintenance in their day.) This film was shown at that exhibition and attempts to get across the utter absurdity of Maintenance and how it changed those involved so much that it (not-so)suddenly became Post-NeoAbsurdism.

Mr. Squibbles Goes Camping
The second installment in the ongoing Mr. Squibbles series, this was made a day after the first one by Olchar and his brother, Chris Lennard.

and after the films, we can all hang out while the screen is filled with

Re: Pete: The Novel: The Exhibition
Documentation of the tomfoolery, hijinks, actions, and performances at the opening of the first Post-Neo exhibition. The exhibition was organised by Catharsism of Narcotica (Hartke, Andrews, Lindsann), but much of the nascent Columbus Post-Neo group is involved here, including the first ever performances by and Warren Fry, Brad ChrissChris Lennard in addition to the first actions of the members of Catharsism. Awww, we were all so young...

These include the infamous Chair Jousting, an Anti-Critique of the show, and a video tour of the exhibition.

Here's a bit of a preview of what you're in for:
A Day in the Life of Mr. Squibbles

by Emilie Lennard and Olchar Lindsann:

Stop on by, it will be fun! And it's your last chance for some Anti-action until the film night the following Thursday, since this weekend we'll be at the Transmodern Festival in Baltimore with Joelle Howald and Nathan Shafer hocking ghosts on unsuspecting pedestrians.

That's 8:PM, at 221 Howard St., etc. Give us a call if you'll be late, or else you'll probably miss the films.