Thursday, March 27, 2008

FIDDLESTICKS #4: Aaron Andrews & dadaDavid Hartke, performance by Alexander Conner

That's right, it's FIDDLESTICKS 4!

In this installment of the exhibition, we have dadaDavid Hartke and Aaron Andrews (both of Ohio), who along with Olchar Lindsann founded the very first Post-NeoAbsurdist group, Catharsism of Narcotica, as a joke back in A.Da. 86 (2002). We have also FINALLY received Angee Lennard's package of goodies from Chicago after an epic bureaucratic battle with UPS, and you can expect to see an Un-shiny new Anti-floor to the L&F Gallery as of THIS SATURDAY, MARCH 29th, at 7:00 PM, when this installment opens with various goings-on:

-Alexander Conner will be performing a piece called Close it Closet, stop by to learn more!
-Warren, Tomislav, Olchar, maybe some others will perform a simultaneous poem or two--
-There will be two 'medicinal poems'--what appears to have suddenly become a new Post-Neo poetic micro-form--for Mr. Hugo Ball Rat and Thomas L. Taylor; see the post above for details on that.

The following weekend, there will be no FIDDLESTICKS activity because Warren and Olchar will be down in Baltimore performing at the Trans-Modern Festival there, seeing British Post-Neo comrade-in-arms Alice Kemp (aka Germseed) perform, and distributing free sample-hauntings for Right-Geist, the Ghost Temp Agency they have started with Nathan Shafer and Joelle Howald.

The weekend after, April 12, the British invade the L&F Gallery in the form of David Beris Edwards, Emilie Lennard (Toledo, OH) adds her two cents, and perhaps others; and we will treat you to the premier of two brand-spanking-new installments of the Anti-legendary serial Mr. Squibbles short films.