Tuesday, March 4, 2008

FIDDLESTICKS #2, EVENT #2: SSSHHHH!!! Silent Soiree & Imogene Engine

After Hector Clam and the rest have been patched back together with love, join them and us again a couple hours later at our place (221 Howard, third floor, rear door) at 8:00 PM for an evening of Silence and Speech--

There, we will begin by hosting a SILENT SOIREE; yes, as silent as it is possible for us all to be while writing moving cutting exquisite-corpsing drinking gluing gesturing.
NO noisemakers
NO typewriters
NO talking
NO shouting
NO stomping
NO whispering
NO music
NO banging

That's right, we will live like mimes.
What will an Anti-Soiree be without the noise?
What will we do without horns and clackers?!
What will be left when the uproar vanishes?

the disappearance of Imogene Engine.

When the silence is finally broken, it will be an absent person. The words of the poems of Imogene Engine shall be voiced by Olchar Lindsann, without bells or whistles or screams or falsettos. In between the words will be silences.

Imogene Engine's writing is continually in flux, her poems are continually taken apart, recombined, re-figured, like Schwitters’ physical Merzbilder; and her life is a continuous looping through writing, they are two terms of a single movement, diastole and systole. Her work has been a lynchpin of Post-Neo publications and events since the beginning, from her contributions to the first issue of the Appropriated Press way back in early A.Da. 87 (2003), to her long poem The Iuk Kide published by mOnocle-Lash earlier this year; and she her influence on Post-Neo poetics--especially the work of Olchar Lindsann--is inestimable. Her manuscripts, notes, and objects will be floating around the room along with her words.

And finally, after a period of spontaneous silence and a period of the focused and subtle voice, we can sit back and let something return, perhaps an equallibrium, and hang out and act like human beings once again.