Saturday, March 22, 2008

Evan Damerow - The 4th Roomate!

Evan Damerow

Un-Dead or Anti!!!!
¥ Reward!!!!
For the following crimes against Figmanity:
Organizing a Spontaneous and Very, Very, Very Illegal Brut Saloon at CSB
Obstruction of Post-Neo Hunger
Conspiracy to Commit Vomit Plays
Vandalizing Post-Neo Idols
Multiple Counts of Disorderly Conduct, Witchcraft, Tomfoolery, Shenaniganism, Public Indecency, Conversationalism, Piquerism, Affability

Evan Damerow was last seen headed south on Rt 18 to Celebration FL in a canoe dragged by two umbrella wielding mammoths. FL authorities have declared martial law in an attempt to put down bands of riotous, flame-throwing flamingos who've sworn fealty to this infamous PNA caballer. Inside sources report that Evan Damerow will be abandoning FL in June for New Brunswick where he will live with us at 131 Bayard St. the future home of New Brunswick Post-Neo! If you can read this YOU'RE ON THE POSSE! Help us bring this bawdy firebrand in for the justice he so rightly deserves (which should be easy considering he'll be our fourth roommate, and doubtless an integral part of the Anti-Official PNA Festival)! Which reminds me, when will you (who-ever is reading this) be headed down here? We need to know, specifically which weekends your thinking you can stay. Suspect is considered legged and extremely suoregnad!