Saturday, March 15, 2008

UPS: Our Eternal Enemy

Well, our documentation of FIDDLESTICKS is lagging a bit behind the event itself, as one might expect; but it makes its way up eventually. Look for my report on BOSCH ON ICE this weekend; and soon after we'll get reports, photo, and video up from FIDDLESTICKS 2 and the accompanying Silent Soiree and Imogene Engine reading.

BUT FIRST, an un-report to fill the gap; because UPS, yes, the United Parcel Service, is fucking everything up for us pretty royally. Their stupid policies, shoddy and uncoordinated internal procedures, and incompetent and duplicitous employees have come together to derail us.

yes, UPS, the most expensive way NOT to have your package delivered!!

Due to their continued refusal/bureaucratic inability to deliver Angee Lennard's work, her work could not be displayed at the opening of the 2nd Fiddlesticks show; so we reorganised everything to include her in the show opening this weekend. And yet, TWO WEEKS after she paid for expedited service, WE STILL DO NOT HAVE HER WORK IN HAND.

So remember: DO NOT USE UPS when sending anything here for the Fiddlesticks show, for either of the Festival exhibitions, or anything else. The U.S. Postal service will cost you 1/3 as much money, and better yet, will actually deliver the package. (Don't request signature either, as we are not here during the day.)

I have called in to UPS three times already concerning this, sweet-talking them, raving wildly at them, coldly implying legal threats, all to no avail. All three times I've been directly lied to: told there was n way for them to track the package (?!), then promised it would be at my house within the hour, only to have it still undelivered two days later, told there was no signature required, then told there was... and their drivers are equally idiotic, to make a long story short.

Which is why you will still not see Angee's work in the gallery this evening, despite being the second show she's been advertised with. As soon s we get it in hand it will go up.

We will however present a puppet play--quite different from our usual offerings--based on her comic book series Mossdale Estate, which follows the daily lives ad routines of a group of Elderly Home residents. This is a scene in which one of the residents, Rose, stumbles upon Catharsism of Narcotica, the first American Post-Neo group.

It should be a laid-back event, afterward Warren and I will perform some of our own poems, which we scarcely ever have a chance to do anymore; I'm thinking of performing my sub-phonetic poem, Prayer for the Poison-Child, for the first time since returning to the States...