Thursday, March 6, 2008

Two Poems by Imogene Engine

The second half of the second event on Saturday night (8:00 at our place...) consists of my reading of poems by Imogene Engine, seminal Post-Neo poet and one of my closest friends. As a kind of appetizer, here are two of her poems first published in the Appropriated Press (the first Post-Neo journal, which ran from A.Da. 87-89 (2003-2005). You may have a copy of her recent chapbook The Iuk Kide, if not we'll be printing up a third run soon, and it will be available for free online very soon.

* * *

Alive, I am.

not taken for granted.

bar of soap.
4 distinct seasons.
Seat on the city bus.
Elegant Corona Loops.
Plumbing and Bread
Young Blue stars

Small voice carried.
Emotive Electroshock Therapy Poignancy.

Dead, I am not.

attempts, not ended for beautiful acts.

Ghostly Helix.

Maximum Tidal distortion.

(A.Da. 87)

* * *

Sensory Oneirocritica

Aural simulacra
Prodromal efficacy beyond plurality

The use of enchantment
A metaphysic dreamlet
- one painless aesthetic state

Sensual aurury poppies
Boneless sinuosity

Eliminated amulets,
and obscured chalcedony

Retrocognative fetch light
and blue floating candles

Feeble phenomena,
and unsublimated desire

Symptomatic lithograph Romantic
and tree roots interlaced with gold.

(A.Da. 87)