Thursday, March 13, 2008


Most of the heavy Anti-Fest activity will be on the weekends, because we have to work full-time Monday-Friday. You are still encouraged to stay multiple weekends and hang out during the week--Nick Hallam mentioned possibly staying for the entire festival, which would be fucking great-- just be aware you'll have full run of the house from about 7AM til around 5. Then we can hang out. But will need to go to bed fairly-kinda-earlyish. The weeks should be more laid-back, no events (probably, or very simple ones), we can actually relax (after work) and take it relatively easy. We can pass off the keys and it could be a good time to do non-Anti-Fest holiday stuff like explore New Brunswick, go into New York ($18 round-trip, one hour train ride from the station two blocks from our house), expose yourself to the fascinating horror of American television, sleep, or creepier things that you'd best not tell us about.

If you're flying in, this also means it's easier for us to meet you if you arrive at night, after 7:30 or 8. We'll meet you whenever you get in, but our jobs will be angry at us if we ask for too much time off work. If you, too, have a job, and can only take one day off, you'll probably want to know whether it ought to be the Friday or the following Monday. i.e., would it be better to miss Friday night but stay for all of Sunday, or to be there by the time stuff starts happening on the Friday, but have to head back on the Sunday.
I'm afraid I don't know. Again, this would be good to discuss on this blog.
On one hand, if everybody wants to we could decide upon a standard policy, say, events go from x:00 each Friday until x:00 Sunday, and everyone could schedule with that in mind. OR, we could let each weekend's schedule develop separately AS people schedule.

It would be hard to have stuff going on on a night/day that there are a whole lot of arrivals/departures, we're going to all want to say hi and sit down and relax...