Thursday, March 13, 2008


How we'll handle food is still somewhat undiscussed, and will have a lot to do with what all of you want. Since people will be coming in and out of the festival at various times, local people will hanging out with us, and we'll all be working full time during the week, it will probably be some form of every-wo/man for herim-self. It would be nice to have some food-related events or just share some meals, but I think Evan's the only one in the house who can cook at all, and I'm not volunteering him, so I leave that to all of you if you want. Anyway you're welcome to use our kitchen if you want to, and there are a decent number of cheap eateries about a 10-minute walk away, with their charming American college clientel, and lots of delivery. You can get a good filling greasy meal for $6 or $7 tops, half that if you're frugal. If you don't like greasy food with meat in it you'll have to ask someone else, I wouldn't know.