Wednesday, March 12, 2008

FIDDLESTICKS!!!- C. Olson, J.M. Bennett, Shanks McGovern, A. Lennard

"what the freak?!"

In a very special episode of FIDDLESTICKS, the oddments of three wayward artists arrive at the Lost and Found gallery to join the 'artistic' remainders of last week's guests. Craig Olsen, from New York, fiddles with paints in his home and writes about other peoples 'modern artworks' in some liberal rag. Ohioan John M. Bennett plays with stamps and scribbles silly words on paper (but don't tell him they're backwards). Then he mails them to his friends. Angee Lennard hangs out at the old-folks home and runs a print shop in Chicago which attracts loitering artist-type bums. They can be seen reading the comics she prints. It sure is different.

On Saturday evening at 8:00 Eastern time, two of these artist-type bums, Olchar Lindsann and Warren Fry, are putting on a very special sock-puppet play about the comics. These two bohemians are what you might call 'performance-poets,' which is apparently about making funny mouth-noises and looking at people. It takes all kinds, I guess!
They're even inviting people just to sit there and listen to it. Don't believe us? Go see for yourself, at the Lost & Found Gallery, room 231, CSB. These people sure are special.

And at FREE, at least its cheaper than the Olive Garden.