Monday, March 3, 2008

Video from the FIDDLESTICKS #1 Reading

Here are some highlights from the readings of Brad Chriss's and John M. Bennett's work at the kick-off for the first installment of the FIDDLESTICKS gallery:

Chriss introduces his set with commentary and a chapter from the Comte de Lautréamont's 'Chants de Maldoror' of 1869.

Introductory commentary and Chriss reads his poem 'A Divine Crackle'

Chriss reads his poem 'hermaphrodite.'

W. Fry reads Bennett's 'Jleeber'; O. Lindsann & B. Chriss rip J.M. Bennett; Fry & Chriss rorrim Bennett.

Lindsann and Fry tag-team Bennett

B. Chriss chortles JMB

The whole crowd gives Bennett a go in turns, culminating in T. Butković translating him into horn.

W. Fry stirs up Bennett's 'La M al'

Lindsann and a guest split duties on a Be Blank Consort piece.

W. Fry & T. Butković turn Bennett upside down and inside out

A little Noisemaker-tower of babel is constructed to Bennett as babbled by Fry and Lenny Corea (responsible for the wall drawing facing the door of the gallery).

Chriss and Butković shred Bennett with their lungs.

Lindsann throttles Cantar del Huff in the midst of inexcusable craziness that is ENTIRELY John Bennett's fault, we assure you.

Jamie Bruno (responsible for the forest strings amidst which this all takes place) phones Bennett in from a lavatory someplace, to the support of everyone else. Everyone else pulls their cell phones out too.

Megan Blafas and Warren Fry trap Bennett between a rock and a hard place.

We may post a few more over the next couple days, we're still going through the footage! And look out VERY soon for official information on the next FIDDLESTICKS evolution this coming Saturday as Tsubasa Berg, Charlotte Whalen, Angee Lennard, and Alan Reed move in to the L&F Gallery.