Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The House! 131 BAYARD!

It looks like we have a house! Behold! 131 Bayard St.- the new great hall for all JerseyPost-Neo affairs. Olchar Lindsann, Tomislav Butkovic and I have signed a lease and will move in on June 1st. It's a five minute walk from the NJTransit Railway Station (a 40 minute ride into New York City from there), two blocks from the Mason Gross Building CSB (home of Lost and Found Gallery and Rutger's MFA and BFA programs), and strategically located right next to downtown New Brunswick with all its shops, bars, and restaurants.

We are renting the entire house, which means that there will be no non-anti-art friendly house-mates. It has a large living room, a large dinning room which will serve as our gallery and performance space, and many other exciting features: a shed around the back, a blank billboard not 20 feet from the front door, multiple entrance and exit points, a strange and dungeon-ish basement, a half bath on the first floor, and as an added bonus there are no houses on either side of the property- meaning we can probably get away with a bit of noise! This will have to be tested before we go whole-hog however. It's also right next to the train tracks, which come roughly every half hour; we're already scheming towards incorporating the train schedule into performances. This is a huge increase in space for us and the rent is manageable. The living room provides us with enough room for people to crash- we'll have couches and lazy-boys and plenty of floor space.

A Bedroom

The Living Room

Another Living Room Shot

Upstairs Bathroom

Oh, the possibilities!

Although the basement's low ceiling (not to mention all the strewn rubble) make it to a bad fit for sustained performances or cabarets, its ideal for short exchanges and episodes within larger events: Meat Poems!?

Some exterior shots should be on the Blog soon so you can get a better idea of what we-your in for! This is a four bedroom and we are in contact with a few potential room-mates who would be wonderful additions to the new home of New Jersey Post-Neo.

Its been a whirlwind couple of days, Olchar and I have been up till 2 in the morning making fliers and adds for Fiddlesticks II, gathering supplies for the Silent Soiree and Imogene Engine reading, and hatching plots with friends- and then up again every morning at 6 for work! Exhaustingly essential efforts towards what promises to be an amazing festival!

I'm off to make some noise recordings with Tomislav, Olchar, and Chris Lennard (who's crashing with his band the Argonauts at our place this week). VIM VOM SHIRT!